The Abnormal Life – Psychic Style Mentalism Hypnosis Body Magic Hypno-Trick Routine – Mentalists Cook Book with Jonathan Royle

Both as an Impromtu Mentalism Performance piece and also as a planned Stage Performance I personally love the Abnormal lift and have been performing such in my shows for over 23 years now!

In the early 90’s I started to give them the power to lift, then took it away again before giving it them back one more time, and indeed I performed the Abnormal Lift in this manner on Granada Sky TV’s show “Psychic Livetime” also in the early 90’s pre-dating others who claim this to have been their idea.

And for the record taking their power away and then giving it back was not my idea either, as I’d seen it performed many years earlier by old time Stage Hypnotist Delavar and few years later had been fortunate enough to meet Delavar and gain his blessing to perform the routine in that manner.

However over the years I have developed an even more Psychologically and Emotionally Powerful presentation for The Abnormal Lift, something that will be discussed in detail in my forthcoming “Mentalists Cook Book” DVD package that is due for release in Mid August 2012.

In the meantime take a look at just one of my unique presentations for “The

Abnormal Lift” – I have numerous variations for this routine which will be explained on the forthcoming DVD set.

For now I hope you enjoy the routine and short video clip that follows and would recommend “The Abonormal Lift” as a truly powerful and memorable performance piece for any performer.

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Chairless Chair Less Mentalism Mind Magic Chair Test without Chairs – The Mentalists Cook Book with Jonathan Royle Mind Reader

With my hat tipped firmly and thanks for the inspiration and ideas offered to all
Great performers who have already offered their variations on the “Chair Test” routine to the market, I’d like to share with you my Chair Test Mentalism Mind Magic Routine without any Chairs being used that I have been performing on and off for a little over Six Months now with great reactions.

I always where possible like to include music into my routines as much as possible and an element of situational comedy style humour whilst still retaining (or preferably amplifying) the reaction to the effect.

For the record there is no thumb writing used in the clip you are about to see of my routine, a routine that will be explained in depth in my forthcoming “Mentalists Cook Book” DVD Package which is due for release in Mid August 2012.

I hope you enjoy watching the routine and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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