Prince Harry Vs The British Tabloid Press: An Analysis following publication of his book SPARE & How it all links to Rupert Murdoch’s Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Prince Harry Vs The British Tabloid Press: An Analysis

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(There are links to further eye opening materials in the video description at the link above on You-Tube)

And yes MAZHER MAHMOOD aka THE FAKE SHEIKH gets a mention in the video as well…

For the record the now Late GREG MISKIW (who is seen in the video) and also GLENN MULCAIRE (image of shown in video) have BOTH GIVEN ME SWORN STATEMENTS which have been and will continue to be used in my quest to get my 2 Criminal Convictions overturned as fully explained at

Also check out this link where Dr. EVAN HARRIS talks about how his Phone was Hacked and how MAZHER MAHMOOD certainly used unlawful information gathering and other ILLEGAL techniques against his victims

And this next link shows that my PRIVACY INTRUSION claim against Rupert Murdoch’s New Group Newspapers (NGN) was filed at the High Court in London on 30th September 2022 as per:

In relation to my attempt to Expose Mazher Mahmood back in 1998 which backfired slightly landing me with a Prison Sentence despite the fact I now know I was DRUGGED – PHONE HACKED – INTIMIDATED & MANIPULATED and much more, they never bragged about the sting on me like they did with other people as I mention here

Is that because they did not want to draw attention to it as even the Judge/Police all mentioned and agreed that I knew who Mahmood was and had the intention of exposing him..

(At the time I/we did not know that he was always 3 steps ahead of me due to HACKING MY PHONE and using unlawful information gathering techniques on me)

Well what I can say for sure is take a look at the evidence on and you will see Errors Galore by the Crown Prosecution Service and Police including SERIOUS NON DISCLOSURE ISSUES going back to 1994..

Yes indeed there is evidence that the Police and CPS both communicated in 1994 clearly stating that Mahmood COULD NOT and also SHOULD NOT be relied upon as a witness of truth in any further cases and yet they still allowed him to until the trial of Tulisa Contostavlos collapsed in 2014 when Judge Alistair McCreath uncovered Mahmood Lying under oath in court!

Along with Statements from GREG MISKIW and GLENN MULCAIRE I also have one from STEVE GRAYSON who used to work alongside Mahmood and in this he clearly states he witnessed Mahmood DRUG Sting Victim Targets and also that Mahmood boasted of using the GHB Style “Date Rate” Drug in his Private Life also..

The can of worms is very deep and in regards to “The Rise and Fall of the Fake Sheikh” which also happens to be I understand the working title of a new three part documentary Series being made by Voltage Films due to be released on Amazon Prime Television later this year the fuller story with evidence and facts is at:

And here are some links to more info on the ERRORS & NON DISCLOSURE by the Police and also The Crown Prosecution Service

And also check out:

And finally also take a look at:

Coincidentally it turns out I have the same Barrister for my Civil Privacy Intrusion case as Prince Harry, namely David Sherbourne.

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