ADPA – The Association of Dance and Performing Arts – A Non Profit Social Enterprise To Help Improve The Quality of Life for Children and Teenagers in Rochdale & Greater Manchester

Hi Guys & Girls,

Many apologies for this intrusion into your most valuable time, however I’d greatly appreciate it if you would be so kind as to take a few minutes to read this blog posting
and  seriously consider if there is any way in which you can help me (as my Friend and
colleague) to put something Positive and Beneficial back into the world.

Two of my long time friends from the Entertainment Industry, namely Janice Percy and
Phillip Barrett have set up a totally not for profit Social Enterprise aimed at helping
children, teenagers and youngsters to improve their life’s in so many positive ways.

To Quote from their website of :

ADPA –  Have A Genuine desire to inspire and improve the immediate and long term Prospects of young people affected by parental offending, domestic violence and severe living conditions.

As Janice Percy one of the Co-Founders of ADPA so correctly states on the website:

“Sometimes adult behavior can really mess things up for kids – Often, kids grow up to behave the same … and the same and the same”

Anything that ADPA can do to help break this cycle and also to help empower these vulnerable youngsters to develop and positively increase their Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Image and Self-Control can only be greatly beneficial both for them and also indirectly for the surrounding communities.

As is well known within the Psychotherapy world “We are all products of our environment” or to be more accurate:

“We are all products of our environment, unless we are given the tools and opportunities to positively expand beyond the confines of our direct environment”

You see to function Positively, Happily and Harmoniously in life (on all levels) we need to as human beings (especially as we are growing up) to feel:

Loved – Wanted – Needed – Appreciated – Cared For – Cherished and Valued

If there is a lacking of or disruption in any of those 7 Positive Pillars then it will most likely lead to that individual suffering a negative impact on their:

Self-Confidence,  Self-Esteem,  Self-Image  and/or Self-Control (Willpower)

And sadly when there is a disruption or negative impact on one or more of those 4 vitally important Foundations of “Self-Worth” then this can and often does regretfully lead to the individual feeling…

Negativity, Trapped, Worthless, Like A Failure, Angry, Resentful, Frightened, 

And even more depressing is the very real fact that when one or more of those 7 Negative Pillars is in place that it can often lead in one or more ways to the individual going into


And that combined with negative environmental factors can be the straw that breaks the camels back so to speak and can lead to a downward spiral which could include things as extreme as them turning to a life of Crime, Self-Harming. Drugs, Alcoholism  Domestic Violence, Prostitution, Homelessness or even worse in extreme cases Suicide…

These are most always destructive behaviors and actions that manifest themselves either as an extreme reaction to or negative result of the Emotional impact of what has been going on in and/or lacking in their life’s.

Often for example Youngsters can get involved with a “bad crowd” as this gives them a sense of belonging and despite the negative consequences of such “gang culture” can help to fulfill the gaps they may feel inwardly in those 7 Positive Pillars and those 4 vitally important Foundations of “Self-Worth” which I mentioned earlier.

And once the downward spiral starts it can and often does lead to a lifetime of destruction which negatively impacts not just the individual, but also their family, friends and even often many members of the community as a whole (in the instances of crime etc)


But the great news is that when an individual is helped to discover ways to expand their horizons, try new things, gain a sense of achievement, given a chance to grow as a person and starts to realize that there are better options available for them and that a brighter future is a possibility for them then this can work wonders in helping them to positively impact and develop their:

Self-Confidence,  Self-Esteem,  Self-Image  and/or Self-Control (Willpower)

And when they grow in these areas, the 4 vitally important Foundations of “Self-Worth” they can then start to feel a sense of:

Positivity,  Personal Freedom,  Positive Self-Worth,  Success,  Courage, Achievement,  Happiness

And perhaps not surprisingly as a positive side effect of these beneficial changes they will finally be able to learn to LOVE THEMSELVES and of course gain SELF-RESPECT 

This can lead to a whole new perspective and positive approach to life, can help the individual to gain a whole new positive support and positive social network and so ultimately can also lead them in the long term to a more Positive Environment  and thus consequently help them to gain the 7 Positive Pillars in their life’s of positively feeling:

Loved – Wanted – Needed – Appreciated – Cared For – Cherished and Valued

And surely you would agree with me that anything we can do to help make this a positive reality for all children is something vitally important and worthwhile for us to encourage, support and where possible become involved in?


Although currently based in and aimed at helping the Children and Youngsters of Rochdale and Greater Manchester, I am aware that it is the vision of the founders of ADPA to in the not too distant future to (with the help of others) replicate this NOT FOR PROFIT Social Enterprise all over the U.K.

I personally have already pledged my support for 2013 in several ways and would like to ask you, my friends and colleagues to help ADPA in whatever way feels right and is possible for you.

Some Ideas and Examples of How You Could Help Out Are:

*Donate Just £6 ($10) HERE: and in exchange you will get instant download access to 5 Audio MP3 Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions and also 12 Life Changing Self-Help Ebooks between which there is sure ot be something of great use to both yourself, your family, loved ones and friends and clients.

01) My Celebrity and Public Figure Friends and Colleagues could help just by pledging their support to what ADPA is trying to achieve. A short written comment on how you agree with their goals and aims along with permission to publish such (with a photo) on the ADPA website of would cost you nothing and could be used by ADPA to help attract and encourage potential Sponsors and help in so many other ways.

02) My Entertainer Friends and Colleagues could pledge their support in 2013 by offering to perform at a future ADPA Fund-Raising Event.

03) Those who know me (or see this through one of their friends or colleagues) may well want to volunteer some of their time –!volunteer/cd5

04) Or of course you could just make a donation to this worthy cause and help them to keep on helping the Children and Youngsters that are our future –!volunteer/cd5 

05) And of course there are tons of other ways you may be able to help, for example Venue Owners may want to donate their venue for hosting a ADPA fund-raising event in during 2013, business owners may wish to donate prizes for future ADPA fund-raising events or you may want to sponsor a Chair, Table or Room at the new ADPA premises as per the info at –!project-news/cee5 

And yes its true to say that there is the opportunity of you gaining Positive and Beneficial Media Coverage for your contribution and help in the future, however I understand that ADPA are also more than happy to receive help and assistance from those who prefer to remain nameless in such circumstances.

In short if there is anyway you think that you may be able to help and lend support to ADPA’S Positive Mission, Aims and Objectives to help others, then please do get in contact with them directly via!contact/c24vq

Or their direct email is – 

With your help ADPA will be able to continue and grow in helping children and youngsters to leave behind a life that gives them feelings of and/or the negative effects of FAILURE

F – rustration

A – ggressiveness

I – nsecurity

L – oneliness

U – ncertainty

R – esentment

E –mptiness

And will help them, to encourage, support and positively direct these individuals towards a life of SUCCESS

S – ense of direction

U – nderstanding

C – ourage

C – almness

E – steem

S – elf – Confidence

S – elf – Acceptance

Many thanks to you all for reading this and giving it your kind consideration, I know that any help you can give to ADPA will be greatly appreciated not just by them, but also of course all of the Children and Youngsters that they are working to help positively change the life’s of.  

Positive Blessings To You All,

Dr. Jonathan Royle –

(President of The Association of Complete Mind Therapists and Consultant to The Mind-Care Organisation Ltd)

(c) Jonathan Royle & Alex Smith – 2012.

(The Psychological Explanation Given Above forms the Foundations of Jonathan Royles Unique Therapeutic Treatment Approach of Complete Mind Therapy)

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