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SHITNOSIS – Helping You Get Over The Shit in Your Life & Get Your Shit Together

SHITNOSIS – Helping you get over the Shit in your life & get your Shit together is written by International Celebrity Hypnotherapist & Mind Coach Dr. Jonathan Royle and is subtitled “Royle also Reveals the FUCK THAT System” which stands for “Fully Unconscious Conditioning Knowledge Therapy Honoring Absolute Transformation”

This is arguably the most truthful, direct to the point, shockingly honest self-help and personal transformation book that has ever been released and along the way as well as learning numerous extremely powerful techniques to reprogram your mind to overcome habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias, Emotional Issues, Past Traumas, Health Issues and indeed pretty much anything and everything you can possibly think of from A through to Z, you will also discover the true inside Secrets of Hypnosis & Suggestion and how to use them in all areas of your daily life.

Whether your desire is to positively improve and transform your personal or business life this is the book for you as it also contains links and easily scanned QR codes taking you to numerous supporting videos where you will witness Royle demonstrate many of the cutting edge Psychological Treatment techniques that he teaches you within the pages of this truly unique & amazing book.

This book should also be considered essential study for all Students & Practitioners of Psychology, Hypnotherapy, NLP Hypnosis, Counselling, Psychotherapy and indeed all other Talking Therapy approaches & Psychological Treatment techniques as the experiences, knowledge and insights Royle shares on the Power of The Placebo, Nocebo and related Psychological Effects and how to positively harness the proven power of these to make your life better than you perhaps ever imagined possible on all levels is itself worth its weight in gold many times over!

Indeed although intended as a Self-Help Work Book to help the reader delete negative programs from and also to install new positive programs to their Personal Neck Top Computers (Unconscious Mind) the contents and techniques taught within are such that Mind Therapy Practitioners of all Kinds, especially Hypnotherapists will find them extremely useful for use with their clients as well.

This book is not for the easily offended as Royle will and does tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about how to transform any and all areas of your life for the better, but it will ultimately take action on your part.

If you read this book and then do nothing, please do not be surprised when nothing changes for you, however for those of you who are prepared to take the time to put into action what is taught within the pages of this book and also taught to you by way of the supporting videos, we can guarantee you that this is by far the best investment you will have ever or indeed ever will make into yourself and making your goals, dreams, ambitions and true desires in life become a reality.

Most Self-Help Books are full of Winky Wanky, Arty Farty, New Age Style Tree Hugging Bullshit that does not work to any truly noticeable or long-term level.

SHITNOSIS is different, indeed it is very, very different indeed, and ironically all of the shit that others waste time filling their books with has been disposed of and metaphorically flushed down the toilet to leave only that which has been consistently tried, tested and proven to work in changing peoples lives for the better.

This is a book you will refer back to again & again containing strategies, protocols and self-help techniques that are head and shoulders above anything others are offering, this is the real deal this is Real Hot Shit.  

Size 9 inch by 6 Inches
241 Pages
(c) 2022 – JONATHAN ROYLE 

Fuck That


241 Pages of PURE GOLD for anyone & everyone who desires to improve their life for the better and also full of techniques that can not only be used on yourself but also used to HELP OTHERS ALSO




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