Jonathan Royle Reviews The Sports Performance Hypnosis & Peak Performance Coaching Home Study Diploma Course By Nick Davies of The Warwickshire School of Hypnosis WSOH


From Nick Davies at The Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy – 

Reviewed by – Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle of

“Having Studied it in great depth, I would now unreservedly recommend this truly comprehensive and unequalled Sports Hypnosis and Peak Performance Coaching Home Study course to anyone that wants to learn literally everything that you need to know to ensure yours and your clients successes from an experienced practitioner who is at the top of their game, namely Nick Davies from The Warwickshire School of Hypnosis!”Dr. Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle – 

IMPORTANT = I think that the above testimonial pretty much sums it all up in one simple paragraph however I shall let you consider a few more of my honest comments that come to my mind after having studied this course and then shall leave you with an insight into the subjects covered within this home study diploma course package.

“Having been a professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner for over 22 years to date, it is very rare that I will actually ever endorse anyone else’s courses, products or trainings as quite frankly I have been there, done that and worn the T-Shirt out too many times than I care to remember.  However after having studied the Sports Hypnosis and Peak Performance Coaching Home Study Diploma Course by Nick Davies from The Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy I can honestly say that I would recommend this course as a worthwhile investment to any Mind Coach that truly wants to reach the top of their game and help their clients to do the same!”
Dr. Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle –

“Far Too Many trainers in the Hypnosis world only ever make their money from teaching others and rarely if ever put what they teach to use in the real world with real clients. Nick Davies however is different as he regularly puts his neck on the line with Sports People and Teams, testing his unique concepts and techniques out in the real world and consistently proving them to work and be winners every time. At the end of the day when you see someone like Nick who has testimonials such as these from Sports people he has helped and equally as good testimonials as these from other Mind Therapy Practitioners that he has taught his own unique and exclusive skills to and it becomes obvious even to a blind man that Nick Davies truly does walk the walk just as well as being able to talk the talk. In short this is the best training package of its kind on this subject matter that I have seen to date and I would unreservedly recommend it”
Dr. Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle –

Contents Of Home Study Course Sent To You Are :

  • A Large format spiral bound A4 professionally printed training manual of over 40 information packed pages.
  • Three DVD’s filmed at a Live Weekend Nick Davies Sports Peformance Coaching Diploma Course event containing a total of almost 12 Hours of amazing and intensive training.
  • A Bonus DVD entitled “The Power of The Mind Seminar” within which you witness Nick Davies give an actual Sports Performance Seminar for a Boxing Club in the real world, thus teaching you exactly how you could be getting fantastic results doing the same.

Through studying this bumper package of unique training materials you will become both highly Confident and competent as a Sports Hypnotist and Peak Performance Coach.

Amongst the numerous subjects covered within this comprehensive home study package are:

*Definitions of Sports Psychology

*The 2 Objectives of Sports Psychology

  • The History and Evolution of Sports Psychology

*Working as a Sports Psychologist (Research)

*Working as a Sports Psychologist (Teaching)

*Working as a Sports Psychologist (Consultancy)

*Personality Traits (as defined in Sports Psychology)

*Exercise One – Gathering Information

*Exercise Two – Communicating Effectively

*Exercise Three – Sensory Acuity

*Fact Finding Form & Client Questionnaire

*The Four “C’s” in Sport

*Confidence – Concentration – Control & Commitment

*The Contract Between You And Them

*Clear Language Versus Tainted Language

*Pain Versus Pleasure

*Exercise Four – Finding Their Strategy

*Performance Anxiety

*Exercise Five –RelaxationStateManagement

*Exercise Six – Emotional Freedom Technique for Performance Anxiety

*Exercise Seven – Changing A Past Experience Via Their Timeline

*Exercise Eight –PeakStateManagement

*Exercise Nine – Anchoring Exercise

*Exercise Ten – Swish Pattern For Changing Behaviour

*Exercise Eleven –  Perceptual Positions

*ExerciseTwelve – Circleof Excellence

*Exercise Thirteen – Stuck State Mixed Model (demonstration)

*Exercise Fourteen – Changing Limiting Beliefs

*Exercise Fifteen – Mapping Modalities Transfer (MMT)

*Exercise Sixteen – House Fire Reframe

*Exercise Seventeen – Recovering From Fatique or Injury

*Script One – Focused Concentration

*Script Two – Inner Confidence

*Script Three – Peak Performance

*Dealing with Individuals, Opponents & Team Sports

*Hypnotic Convincers for 1 to 1 Sessions and Workshops including…

*Magnetic Fingers        *Thumb Turn

*Guaranteed Hand Clasp      *NormalHand Clasp

*Heavy Arm/Light Arm Test    *Strong Arm/Weak Arm Test

*Lemon Test    *Top Of Head Eye Stare

*Marketing Your Sports Hypnosis and Peak Performance Coaching Skills for maximum profits and success

*Numerous other invaluable hints, tips, techniques, secrets and insider strategies for total success as a Sports Hypnotist and Peak Performance Coach that can only come from the years of real world experience that Nick Davies ia able to share with you in these DVD’s and the training manual which will quite literally become known as “The Bible” of Sports Hypnosis.

“Having Studied this Home Study Diploma Course I can honestly say that it has been both highly entertaining, educational and eye opening all at the same time. I’m now excitedly waiting for my exam paper to arrive so that I may take the exam and become a Certified Nick Davies (Warwickshire School of Hypnosis) Sports Hypnotist and Peak Performance Coach. This course represents total honesty, is presented in an easy to learn manner and is worth many times the small cost of your investment”
Dr. Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle –

I think that just about says it all!

Many thanks

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle

PS; To find out more about Sports Hypnosis and Peak Performance Courses with Nick Davies visit his website here –



Presented by – NICK DAVIES of The Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd October 2011 – At True Serenity – Rochdale – – 9-00am until 6-00pm each day.


Do you want to learn the secrets that Nick Davies has been honing that have enabled him to work with top GB Olympic Boxing Coach Bob Dillon or 4 times Gold Medal winning Discus Thrower Kevin Brown?

Would you like to have Testimonials from Clients that you have helped with your new Sports Psychology Expertise which are as good as these recent comments that Nick Davies has received for his UNIQUE approach –

Indeed if you’ve not already made the intelligent decision to secure your place on this unrivaled two day Sports Psychology Hypnosis and NLP Masterclass with Nick Davies then take a look at these Video Testimonials from just a tiny handful of his past clients –


‎”Bobbing and weaving, Nick Davies wove a sophisticated canvas of powerful techniques that cannot help but improve sportspeople excel in training, recovery and the all-important competition. With the 2012 Olympics around the metaphorical corner, Nick’s skill in performance coaching is nothing less than vital for success” Mark Gosbee

Testimonial From Mark Gosbee –

‎”As usual Nick has taken a subject close to his heart and transformed the learners into potentially very good Sports Performance Coaches, fab couple of days, cheers Nick” Gordon Park

Testimonial From Gordon Park –

“The two day course was packed full of real world, tried and tested techniques. Nick’s approach to teaching was passionate, refreshing and very knowledgeable. The course is truly unique and worth every penny and minute of your time if you are serious about pesuing this line of work. Kevin Brown 4 times world discus champion was inspirational to listen to and very humble. Kevin told us all about how Nick had helped him using what we had learned on the course” Adam Cowming

Testimonial From Adam Cowming –

“An excellent course for all abilities, I am an hypnotherapy student and this has given me bags of confidence and the motivation to go out and do it” Vince Benedict.

Tesimonial From Vince Benedict –

“Nick is so passionate about his subject it can’t help but enthuse the attendee. There were plenty of techniques, practise but as importantly FUN! I have no hesitation in highly recommending Nick – work with him you won’t regret it!” Rob Brennan

Testimonial From Rob Brennan –


Have you ever wanted to develop a set of skills and techniques specific for the sporting world?

Do you want to attend your favourite sporting events as the expert in the
sporting mind?

Nick Davies will be running two 2 day workshop on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October 2011 in Rochdale, England, at True Serenity – where he will teach you all of the skills and techniques he has learnt and developed to help hundreds of sports men and women achieve their maximum potential.

You will not only learn the techniques to help individuals, coaches and teams but also how to market yourself to individuals and clubs.

You will also get 6 months FREE membership to his Nick Davies Sports Psychology Associates Scheme and your details will be featured on his website.

Plus you’ll walk away with a Professionally Printed and Bound 44 Page information packed Training manual, along with a DVD of an actual Sports Psychology Training Workshop that Nick Davies ran for real Sports People which alone is worth many times the small cost of attending this course.

This course also counts to your CPD (Continual Professional Development) and is certificated (Yes You Walk Away with a Credible Diploma) and endorsed by The Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy.

The price for this event is £497 but if you book before Midnight on Sunday 4th September 2011 you can secure your place HALF PRICE for just £248.50.

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During this workshop you will learn or receive:

*How to prepare sports people for competition (including pre and post ritual routines)

*The difference between individual and team sports

*Techniques to help individuals and teams train more effectively

*How to rapidly increase skill levels in training

*Numerous Unique Therapeutic Techniques and tools that work

*The difference between “Clear Language” and “Tainted Language”

*Helping sports people move up to the next level

*When to specialise and when not to

*Dealing with negative events like loss or injury

*How to speed up recovery from fatigue or injury

*Marketing to individuals and clubs

*Convincers and techniques to demonstrate value

*Scripts and forms to use

*An indepth study booklet

*The DVD from one of my first presentations to a Boxing Club

*A Diploma certificate

Plus much, much more…

The price for this event is £497 but if you book before Mindnight on Sunday 4th September 2011 you can secure your place HALF PRICE for £248.50.

This event will NEVER be repeated at this discount price and places for this
event are limited, so I would advise booking early, to reserve your place book now.

Many thanks

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle

PS: A World Record Holding Numerous Medal Winning Sports Celebrity is also planned to be in attendance and will both make a presentation during the event as well as being available to talk with during breaks about how Nick Davies has helped them using the exact techniques that you will learn on this course. – Here’s a clip from the last event –

PPS: Take Another look at just a few of the many testimonials Nick Davies has on file – and also

PPPS: And Remember to Take A Look At This Amazing Video – Nick Davies is mentioned as this guys “Sports Psychologist” at around 6mins 48 Seconds into the video – – don’t you wish you could learn Nick’s Skills and be able to make a fortune helping some of the Worlds Top Sports People and of course also helping newbies to become Top Sports People?

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