Comedy Mentalism Mind Reading – Name Deck Gag Prediction – The Mentalists Cook Book DVDs with Jonathan Royle

I personally think that a touch of comedy is a good thing in Mentalism especially at the start of the show for gaining rapport with the audience.

As an example of this here’s a routine I use at the start of my show which is inspired by an original idea I saw Max Maven teach in his lecture in the early 90’s at Blackpool Magic Convention, with a few slight alterations by myself.

Its an easily adaptable idea, which I have in the past also used to tie in with and promote product names of items sold/manufactured by the company that has employed me.

Anyhow take a look at the video, its not belly aching hilarious, its just a spot of unexpected light hearted humour at the start of the show which I have found helps knock the audiences guard down and gets them onside and more attentative for what’s to come.

I Hope you enjoy the clip and get some inspiration from it, although obviously I claim originality and rights on the routine as its performed here:

Oh and for the record the dropping of the prediction which seems to be an accident was all pre-planned and is all part of the humour and also psychology I use to knock the audience off guard for the truly amazing stuff that’s then to follow.

This kind of use of Psychology to manipulate your audiences is something I will be discussing in depth in my forthcoming “Mentalists Cook Book” DVD package which is due for release in mid August 2012.

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Hoy’s Tossed Out Deck – TOD – T.O.D Long Distance Remote Viewing Card Magic Mentalism Mind Reading Effect – The Mentalists Cook Book by Jonathan Royle aka Alex William Smith

I love Hoys Tossed Out Deck Card Mentalism Routine and indeed have featured it in my stage shows for over 20 years.

However since the late 1990’s I’ve been performing it as a long distance person on the end of the phone becomes the mind reader type of effect.

With some clever psychology, effective use of Dual Reality and clever linguistics, its become one of the effects from my shows that people talk about most.

For the record I’ve been performing it in this manner since the late 1990’s (and have evidence of such on file) and have also performed this for TV (in Amsterdam in 2002) I mention that as I’m aware of others since those dates having claimed to have created such which I am sure must on their parts have been nothing more than a case of independent creation.

Anyhow this routine (and other variations that I use at times) will all be detailed and discussed in-depth on my forthcoming “Mentalists Cook Book” DVD package which is due for release in August 2012.

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I hope you enjoy the clip of the routine:

You can also see videos of me performing numerous other Mentalism Effects (many of which are original to me in method and/or presentation and which will be explained in depth on the Forthcoming “Mentalists CookBook” DVD Package on my You Tube Channel Here –