ITV’s The Speakmans Show – Visual Coding Displacement Therapy – (VCDT) – The Speakmans (Nik & Eva Speakman) – ITV’s This Morning Phobia Cure Week and Complete Mind Therapy Hypnotherapy NLP with Jonathan Royle Master Hypnotist

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner

Many Congratulations to my Friends & Colleagues Celebrity Life Coaches Nik Speakman and Eva Speakman on their New Television Series “The Speakmans” for ITV which starts to broadcast on Monday 14th July 2014.

No doubt you’ll have seen them at work before on ITV’s “This Morning” show with their hugely successful Phobia Week features and of course they have been on tons of other TV Shows helping people to change their lives for the better, including their own previous Television Series “A Life Coach Less Ordinary” which ran on UK Satellite Channel UK Living & UK TV Style.

And in most all of the cases they will most likely have been using their Patented Treatment Technique of “Visual Coding Displacement Therapy” aka VCDT, which as shown in the image below (which is in my birth name of Alex Smith instead of my stage name of Jonathan Royle) I am fully Certified and trained in by Nik and Eva themselves!

Dr. Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith - Certified Practitioner of Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) by Nik & Eva Speakman

Dr. Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith – Certified Practitioner of Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) by Nik & Eva Speakman


Nik & Eva use their own creation of Visual Coding Displacement Therapy of which I WAS ONE OF THE VERY FIRST PEOPLE in the World, and still only one of a small Select Group of Elite Therapists to have been Personally Trained and Certified in this approach by Nik & Eva Themselves as is shown here –

Indeed I became a Certified VCDT Practitioner at the first ever Live Training Seminar that The Speakmans ran for fellow Mind Therapists, a Live Event that I am proud to be able to say was the first of two events that The Speakmans ran, which I helped to organise and promote as well as participated in.

Dr. Jonathan Royle with Nik & Eva Speakman.

Dr. Jonathan Royle with Nik & Eva Speakman

(The Second of the two events was filmed, I was privileged to be involved with the massive
job of editing the footage and the end result has now been available for some time as
The Speakmans “You Can Be Cured DVD – )


To Change your life for the better and to eliminate Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias and other issues from your life, contact me Jonathan Royle today via my personal website of:

MELT Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques

MELT Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques

Although I am a Certified Practitioner of “Visual Coding Displacement Therapy” (VCDT) in the past couple of years I have developed my own (in my opinion and experience) even more Powerful and Life Changing Psychological Treatment Strategies!

These Rapid Personal Change Approaches are called – M.E.L.T

That Stands for:

“Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques”

or it can also stand for:

“Mental Elimination of Life’s Troubles”

Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques

Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques

Should a real difficult issue be presented to me by a client, then I will often combine the power of the M.E.L.T approaches with my tried, tested and consistently proven to work one session treatment approach of “Complete Mind Therapy” – CMT.

Association of Complete Mind Therapists - ACMT

Association of Complete Mind Therapists – ACMT

Complete Mind Therapy, which was devised, originated and developed by myself Dr. Jonathan Royle is now being used by therapists all over the world with great success, indeed the main elements of its approach were used (with my permission)   by The Speakmans to make their “The Key To Your Mind” Audio Home Treatment CD as per:

My Original Version of the Non Specific (One Recording Solves Most Issues)
Complete Mind Therapy

For those of you who would like to participate in (and benefit from) a virtual home treatment video session, based on my unique approach of “Complete Mind Therapy” you can do so right now (just set aside 90 minutes of your time) at this link:

But please remember that a virtual session can never be as powerful or personally tailored and targeted to your personal circumstances as seeing a therapist, like myself on a personal one to one basis.

Combined together my approaches of “Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques” and “Complete Mind Therapy” have been consistently shown to be able to help most any person, with most any issue, habit, addiction, fear or phobia or indeed anything you can think of from A thru to Z within a single 60 to 90 minute treatment session!

For those with Weight Management Issues, I will also where appropriate use my approach of “Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis” – The Complete Mind Therapy Approach to help my clients to change their lives for the better.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis - The Complete Mind Therapy Approach

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – The Complete Mind Therapy Approach

For those who may prefer to help themselves in the comfort of their own home, in that regard I would recommend that you obtain a copy of what is arguably the Worlds Most
Comprehensive Self-Help Book entitled:

Mind Changes - The Psychology of Mental Health

Mind Changes – The Psychology of Mental Health

The Encyclopedia Of Self-Help, Personal Development, Self-Improvement: & Change Work Psychology And Techniques

Buy From U.K Amazon =

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(The Book is Available in both Kindle Ebook and also Paperback Book Formats)

For the therapists amongst you, you now have the chance to learn and become Certified in my Unique Approaches, full details of which can be found here:

Now whilst we are obviously not legally, ethically or morally allowed to teach you “Visual Coding Displacement Therapy” – VCDT or The Speakmans “Schema Conditioning Psychotherapy”, both of which are Patented and may only be taught (at this time) by Nik and Eva Speakman Themselves through their Speakmans Institute of Schema Conditioning Psychotherapy, what we can do however is teach you so well in numerous other cutting edge psychological treatment techniques, that you will automatically then be able to observe what ANY and we do mean ANY other NLP or Hypnotic Style Mind Therapist does and then be instantly able to do it the same way and get the same results yourself.

This is because we teach you the real building blocks of all psychological treatment methods, and once you fully understand all of these building blocks then you need never take any other form of training ever again, as you’ll be able to combine the blocks together in whatever pattern/order is needed for each individual client to suit their needs 100%.

It also means you’ll not only be able to duplicate anything any other NLP or Hypnotic Style therapist does or has done, but in fact means you will most likely be more successful than them doing it, as ironically you will likely end up knowing more about it and understanding how and why it all works better than the vast majority of so called “experts”

Incidentally amongst one of the numerous different video training sets within that bumper package at the above link, is my “Ultimate Change Seminar” which took place some years back in London and during which you will see Nik and Eva Speakman make a short Suprise Appearance as they turned up unexpectedly at the event with a Birthday Cake and Present for me (it was my birthday the day they surprised me) and in their own usual inimitable way brought a touch of Speakman Magic to my day!


For those of you who would prefer to train with me in person, why don’t you make yourself some money by becoming my Joint Venture Partner and promoting one of my UNIQUE and unrivaled training events in your Area or Country as explained at:

As You’ll See by way of the Video and Written testimonials at the links on this page, I have trained, consulted, coached, helped and/or advised arguably more people around the world who now are Successful Therapists and Hypnotists than any other teacher, and that includes many people who are now Famous Media and Household Names in their own Country’s.

All of our courses are approved and endorsed by The Mindcare Organization Ltd (UK), Personal Development Associates (USA), The NLP Association (UK) and The Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners Association (UK) amongst other reputable bodies.

Seriously if you want to become a Successful Therapy Practitioner then you would be wise to check out all of the links above on this page and then to contact me directly via

That also is the link to use to contact me if you’d like to arrange a personal one to one treatment session with myself or one of my experienced colleagues.

I just thought, what a strange co-incidence it is that the Two Fastest Rising names in
the Celebrity and Media World of Psychological Treatment (The Speakmans) live at
Stubley Old Hall in Littleborough on the outskirts of Rochdale, and arguably one of
the Worlds Leading Trainers of NLP, Hypnotherapists, Complete Mind Therapists and
M.E.L.T Practitioners (thats me Jonathan Royle) lives just a few miles down the
road from them in Rochdale.

It is as they say both a Small World and A Strange World At Times!

Goodbye For Now, Stay Happy

Jonathan Royle

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