The Magic Circle – Why Did they Book & Then Cancel Magician, Hypnotist & Mentalist Jonathan Royle’s Magic & Mentalism Lecture ??? – Was it as a Result of Paul Zenon (and others) Defamatory Comments & Lies ???


Did The Magic Circle Cancel Royle's Lecture due to Defamatory Lies??

Did The Magic Circle Cancel Royle’s Lecture due to Defamatory Lies??


(This Letter Was Sent to them by Email and also Signed for Postal Delivery on Friday 2nd June 2017 – other than an email confirming arrival of it & payment of monies into my bank there has to date of posting this blog page been no other communication or reply)

Dear Sirs,

Following the phone call and follow up email that I received from Darryl Rose on Wednesday 31st May which cancelled my Lecture scheduled for 19th June 2017 at The Magic Circle, please find enclosed an itemised invoice FOR IMEDIATE PAYMENT to the grand total of £259.35p which covers all of my out of pocket and impossible to cancel expenses.

I would imagine that it goes without saying that I am formally cancelling my application to join the Magic Circle in light of these events (given that my Lecture was going to be my exam as agreed) and indeed on Wednesday 31st May I sent Membership Secretary Lee Hathaway an email to his inbox on Facebook to state the same.

For the avoidance of any confusion, as I booked my Hotel Room back in January, and the train tickets back in March, it is now impossible for me to get a refund on them as I bought them on the basis of agreeing to not be able to get a refund in order to get them at the cheapest possible discounted price.

Therefore given that it was Wednesday 31st May 2017 that I was officially cancelled and that this was only 19 days before the date I was due to be lecturing at The Magic Circle I shall be expecting payment in full to cover all of my out of pocket expenses to the tune of £259.35p as per the enclosed invoice.

Payment is due to arrive with me On or Before 19th June 2017 the date of the now cancelled event by way of either:

a) A Cheque Payable to – Dr. Alex William Smith


b) Payment by Paypal to the email of

NOTE = If paying by Paypal it must either be sent as a gift so there are no deductions made at my end or the amount sent needs to be increased to £268.69p in order for me to receive £259.35p after paypal take their fees.


c) Payment by Bank Transfer to the following details:

Payment to: A W Smith

Bank: Yorkshire Bank – Rochdale Branch

Sort Code: **-**-**

Account Number: ********

As well as the enclosed/attached invoice, you will also find by email jpeg images of the tickets and bookings etc along with a screen shot from the Facebook “Magicians Only” group which was posted at around 2-30am ish on the morning of Wednesday 31st May 2017 by Magic Circle Member Paul Zenon and within which you can clearly see that he is stating that he is delighted that my Lecture has been cancelled.

Paul Zenon has a History of Posting Defamatory Lies about me on the Internet.

Paul Zenon has a History of Posting Defamatory Lies about me on the Internet.

I would remind you that on Tuesday 30th May 2017 shortly after Darryl Rose had posted about my forthcoming Lecture in the Magic Circle Private Members group that Paul Zenon almost immediately posted things which accused me of amongst other things:

*Stealing Other Peoples Material (Which I have & do not do)

*Having Multiple Criminal Convictions (Which again is Untrue)

This led to Darryl calling me on the afternoon of Tuesday 30th May and I explained the truth behind everything and directed him to the site of where the truth, facts, evidence and real facts are all laid out in great detail behind these wholly Defamatory comments.

It should also be noted that Paul Zenon has a History of posting Defamatory Lies about me both on Facebook and Twitter and he himself has been told to look at for the truth but has either chosen to ignore such or has continued his lies and defamatory comments regardless.

At the end of this call Darryl informed me he would most likely delete Paul Zenons comment from the group and inbox him telling him to make an official complaint if he felt the need to, something which I understand may well have occurred??

Anyway later that same day around 8pm my voicemail got a message** from Darryl asking me to ring him, but as I was away in Somerset I did not get a signal until the next day and consequently the first I heard that my lecture was apparently cancelled was when my sound technician and technical assistant sent me a message on facebook alerting me to the post by Paul Zenon (enclosed/attached) where he is stating he is delighted my event has been cancelled
which frankly to me illustrates that he purposely set out to motivate his friends and colleagues to complain and make negative comments on the Magic Circle group etc, all of which is hugely unprofessional, especially given the Defamatory and untrue content of Zenons and so I imagine due to his stoking of the fire others untrue allegations and comments.

Eventually on Wednesday 31st May I was able to speak with Darryl and he later sent a confirmation of the cancellation by email.

(**The Voicemail he had left me the previous night merely asked me to call him and did NOT contain any clue that my Lecture Had been Cancelled)

During our telephone conversation, Darryl indicated that it was not my single Fake Sheikh Conviction which is currently being appealed and which is also the subject of me currently suing Rupert Murdoch for Millions as fully explained at the site of that was the major issue..

He also indicated that it was not Zenons allegations of me stealing other peoples material which was the major issue and which for the record is something that I fully explained to Darryl on the phone and again is NOT as Zenon would like people to falsely believe.

Rather I was told that female members of the Circle has kicked up a stink about my Book “Hypnotism & Sex” saying it was Sexist against Woman and encouraged people (men) to force women into Sex against their will, both of which are completely untrue.

The book in question is this one:

I will directly quote the advert copy for the book in question below on the next page:

Hypnotism & Sex – How To Get Laid 365+ Times A Year: The Art of Speed Hypnotic Seduction & Hypnosis PUA Attraction

In this Shocking and often controversial book International Hypnotist Jonathan Royle (formerly known as Alex-Leroy) reveals many tried, tested and proven to work secrets of Body Language, Psychological Trickery, Verbal Persuasion and other proven ways to achieve Sexcess.

You will learn the Art of Speed Hypnotic Seduction, Mastering your Inner Game as a PUA Pick Up Artist and much, much more.

Whether your Male or Female, Straight, Gay or Bisexual this book can truly help you achieve the reality of getting Laid 365+ Times a Year with different Sexual Partners.

Due to the powerful contents of this book, it is sold for entertainment and informational research purposes only and by purchasing you agree that should you use any of the contents it is entirely at your own risk and your own responsibility.

If you ever wanted to know how to develop a truly hypnotic personality and magnetic attraction of sexual partners this is the book for you.

It also has a useful guide to using Self-Hypnosis in order to overcome Habits, Fears, Addictions and of course Sexual Problems.

And there are proven Strategies and Techniques to enable you to become the best lover that your partners will ever have the pleasure to sleep with.

Combining Body Language with NLP, Hypnotic Language and Verbal Persuasion Skills you’ll be a true Sexpert after reading this book.



Whether your Male or Female, Straight, Gay or Bisexual this book can truly help you achieve the reality of getting Laid 365+ Times a Year with different Sexual Partners.

That sentence illustrates that the book is not in any manner Sexist and also not discriminating in any manner against any Sexuality.

Also given that Hypnosis DOES NOT EXIST (and the majority of Scientific Evidence around the world supports this fact) the book most certainly DOES NOT teach anyone how to “Hypnotize” people into having Sex or doing anything else against their will, so anyone claiming otherwise is either purposely lying or has simply not read the book and is making incorrect assumptions.

In any event the Controversial Publicity which surrounded the books original launch back in early 1990’s is fully explained part way down the page on and again on no level do I feel cancelling my Lecture on the basis of Hearsay, False Allegations, Defamatory Comments and Lies and at best distorted misguided opinions was or is in any manner fair.

In light of such comments I posted the following on my Social Media to help explain why my Lecture had been cancelled:

a) It DOES NOT teach how to Hypnotise people against their will mainly due to the fact that HYPNOSIS DOES NOT EXIST.

**More on How & Why Hypnosis Does NOT Exist is here: 

b) It DOES NOT teach how to make people do things against their will under so called Hypnosis…

c) It DOES NOT teach anything that could on any level be considered Illegal under British or any other laws..

d) The truth behind the “Controversial” publicity in the early to mid 90’s relating to this book is detailed with evidence and facts at the link of

e) The book is merely a Dating advice guide and book of relationship Psychology that just so happens to have a controversial title and attracted some sensationalised publicity from people who had not even read the book back in the early to mid 90’s…

f) The book mainly concentrates on helping people to develop more self-confidence and to take more positive actions in the dating game and is written with many sections covering stuff relevant to people of BOTH sexes and of ALL genders and Sexuality’s…

g) Anyone who is offended by this books title or contents, no doubt falls into one or more of the following categories:

1) Has never read it…

2) Believes the lies and BS published by Tabloid Newspapers..

3) Is a purposeful liar and trouble causer..

4) Has been manipulated by a purposeful liar and/or trouble causer to help them “fight” their ridiculous vendetta against me.

5) Has absolutely no idea what Hypnosis is (it does NOT exist)

But as I say PLEASE DON’T BUY THE BOOK if you have any delusional idea that it will teach you how to make people do things against their Will, Knowledge and/or Consent, because if you do you’ll be sadly disappointed

SERIOUSLY I’ve been told that it’s complaints and false comments about this book that have led to my Magic Circle Lecture being cancelled as per: 

Further reasons why I find the Cancellation of my Lecture so upsetting and unprofessional are as follows:

The day Darryl Rose Booked Me Over the Phone was 27th September 2016 hence I then posted this on Facebook the same day:

That is just over Eight Months before the date of Cancellation, which took place on Wednesday 31st May just 19 days before the scheduled event.

The date upon which I booked and paid for my Hotel Rooms was 31st January 2017 as illustrated by this Facebook Posting:

And it was shortly after that when I set up a Public Facebook Events page (now deleted due to cancellation of the event) where I advertised my Lecture to all Magician Friends and Contacts and asked them to also spread the word, explaining of course that Non Circle Members would need to arrange a Circle Member Friend of theirs to sign in, something which I understand a number of people had done.

Therefore as I said to Darryl on the phone when he quoted the number of “around 25” had said they would not attend, I strongly suspect the people I had notified about this event (many of whom I know rarely attend at the Circle but would have come to see me) would have made up for this.

In any event given that you film lectures and then members who are unable to attend can watch the videos of them, I know that many of my Fans and long-term repeat customers of my products and courses, who are located overseas would most certainly have enjoyed watching the Lecture by video.

I think the reviews of my past Magic & Mentalism Lectures speak for themselves as you can see here:

2016 Lecture Review by Stuart Harrizon Cassels

2014 Lecture Review by Steve Manford 

2011 Lecture Review by Jack Griggs 

Anyway enough of that, another reason I am so upset that the Lecture has been cancelled is that the excuse for doing so was and is as already explained so feeble and based on uniformed comment, rumors and assumptions…

One would expect people involved in the Magical World to be more aware of how the Media distort and sensationalize things as indeed is explained on the page at 

The idea that my book or my controversial perceived reputation in the business should lead to the cancellation of my lecture is frankly ridiculous given that I do not in any manner hide my “controversy” and rather trade upon it as can be seen at 

Indeed Issue Ten (September 2006) of British Magazine Magic-Seen has a several pages feature article on me which fully discussed my Controversial past as per: 

And Back in July 2005, Jay Fortune interviewed me on Radio Magic and we covered all the Controversial Stuff as it may be perceived by some. That interview was also included in this book which they also released: 

Without wishing to wear out my computer typing, my point is that I have been known World-Wide (thanks to 100’s of TV & Radio Shows and also National and International Print Media Articles) as THE BRITISH BAD BOY OF HYPNOSIS since 1994..

For fast approaching 25 years I have become known World-Wide for Controversy in all sorts of Arenas, THIS WAS OPENLY KNOWN AS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE BEFORE I WAS EVER BOOKED and therefore cancelling me for such reason/s is frankly insulting, upsetting and in my opinion wholly unprofessional.

The day Darryl Rose Booked Me Over the Phone for this event was 27th September 2016 hence I then posted this on Facebook the same day: 

In other words I publicly started advertising my appearance over Eight Months ago.

For Eight Months Paul Zenon will most likely have been aware that I was scheduled to Lecture (my evidence shows although he has me blocked on Facebook he does monitor my postings as otherwise he would not be able to make comments about what I am up to as he has done in a defamatory manner on numerous occasions in the past) In any event from January 2017 when I set up the Facebook events page for my Lecture he would I am sure have been notified and/or seen that…

Further I understand that the event was advertised on the Magic Circle website (members area) for many weeks before this cancellation.

The Magic Circle Jonathan Royle Magic Lecture Advert on their Website

The Magic Circle Jonathan Royle Magic Lecture Advert on their Website

And so it seems to me that this was a pre-meditated and calculated set of actions by him to purposely get me cancelled at the last minute.

He most certainly relished in a most childish and unprofessional manner on the Magicians Only Facebook Group (and no doubt elsewhere as well) about my Lecture being cancelled.

Paul Zenon Gloating that The Magic Circle Cancelled Magic & Mentalism Lecture by Jonathan Royle

Paul Zenon Gloating that The Magic Circle Cancelled Magic & Mentalism Lecture by Jonathan Royle

So to sum up this has upset and disappointed me hugely as Lecturing at The Magic Circle was something that I have aimed at for years….

I was looking forward to inviting Marvin Berglas along who used to be my boss and Marc Paul who was my manager when in the start of the 90’s I was the highest selling dem artiste for Marvin’s and sold the equivalent of well over 400 Svengali Decks in one day alone!

I was looking forward to performing, sharing and explaining my creations to friends at the Circle and also fellow professionals who I respect greatly..

As indeed I have also for years aimed at one day becoming a member..

Following these events it seems that neither will ever occur and that as I say upsets and disappoints me greatly.

I would appreciate it if my concerns, observations and comments on this matter are shared with the Council and for the record I am also more than happy for them to be published in the Magic Circle Magazine and/or on the Magic Circle Website and/or on the Magic Circle Facebook Group and to that end have attached this letter as a Word Document alongside the receipt images and such like.

I look forward to your considered reply to the contents of this letter and also to receiving reimbursement of all my out of pocket expenses as per attached invoice as a matter of priority.

Yours Truly

Alex William Smith aka Jonathan Royle



And also check out the information here as well:


Many apologies to all those Circle Member friends of mine who had been in contact with me and indicated that they were going to travel up to London for the event and also to those Non Circle Member friends of mine who had arranged to be signed in for the night by a Circle Member.

For Those Who were looking forward to the Lecture, it was going to be a combination of my “Best Bits” from my Past Lectures as follows:


The Order of the Magi Based in Manchester is Englands 3rd Oldest Magical Society

The Order of the Magi Based in Manchester is Englands 3rd Oldest Magical Society

And also this one:

b) Egg, Sausage & Peas (The Mentalists Cookbook) –

Both items usually retail at $47 Each but to say SORRY for this event having been cancelled you can grab a Massive 80% Discount off each product reducing the price of each to just $9.40 by entering the coupon code in block capitals of CIRCLE


(Some Reviews of my Past Magic & Mentalism Lectures)

2016 Lecture Review by Stuart Harrizon Cassels

2014 Lecture Review by Steve Manford

2011 Lecture Review by Jack Griggs

Once again SORRY to all those who were looking forward to this event and with whom I had arranged to meet up with on the night.


Within Seconds of me posting on Facebook that the Lecture had been cancelled with this posting:

Well within seconds of posting that the following got posted on my Facebook Wall:

Points to note are that not only was this clearly a Fake Account impersonating Danielle Bregoli who for those who don’t know is this person:

But also it mentions my book “Hypnotism & Sex” and by that stage only those in the Private Magic Circle Members Group would be aware that a few Circle Members had mentioned my book as being their reason for not attending my lecture.

This means the Fake Account was most likely set up by a Magic Circle Member..

I’m not able to prove that Paul Zenon had anything to do with it, but if it was not him that did so, then it was someone who believes the Defamatory Lies that Paul Zenon had posted about me as they make mention of CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS (I do not have multiple convictions, I have one minor conviction only which is being appealed as we speak and is fully explained at )

That previous post was followed up by the one above whilst I was reporting the fake account to Facebook.. the Fake account namely being this one:
And in a very short space of time indeed Facebook Suspended and removed the account confirming that it was indeed Fake:
In my opinion and based on the available evidence and timings of such posts, I feel it is safe to conclude that the Fake Account was set up by a Magic Circle Member as how else would they know what was being discussed inside the Magic Circle Private Facebook Group???

At the very least the person who did such knows someone who is a member of the Magic Circle Facebook Group (as I do) and was passed information of what was being said inside (as I have been in relation to this) and then encouraged to make such posting.

In any event is is both childish and hugely unprofessional, let alone the fact that what they posted has absolutely no basis in fact as explained earlier on this blog page.


For those who actually value such things as Reality, Evidence, Facts & Truth you
will find all the Truth, Facts & Evidence that you will ever need at the following few links and in the videos below that prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the idiots, liars and vindictive trouble causers who continue to post Defamatory Lies about me on the web and also encourage others to do so are the truly GUILTY PEOPLE in all of this:

And Then Also Take A Look At:

Next Take a Look At this link: 

Of Which the Direct WordPress Blog Page Link is:

And finally check out my main official website at:

Thanks for Reading…


PS: Yesterday I saw a Blog on Linkedin (see Link Below) Posted by Fellow Magician Craig Petty of Slightly Unusual which was/is entitled “The Magic Circle is Irrelevant” after reading it I realised that not having been in the Circle has NOT in any manner affected the success of my Showbiz Career over the past fast approaching 40 years (I started performing aged 3 and a bit in late 1978) and neither will it affect my career from now on so frankly I am now no longer bothered about joining and am more than happy to be an Award Winning Member of England’s 3rd Oldest Magic Society, “The Order of the Magi” in Manchester. 

This blog post by Manchester Magician John Holt is also bang on the money:

Dr. Jonathan Royle - King of Hypnotists

Dr. Jonathan Royle – King of Hypnotists

PPS: My New Online Magic, Mentalism & Hypnosis Store is now open, check it out
and grab some Amazing Items today at

PPPS: For the Record at time of posting this Blog I am a Multiple Award Winning Magician and Magical Performer as is explained at this link:  

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner

PPPPS: I am Also an Award Winning Hypnotist & Only the Fourth Person to ever be inducted into The South African Academy of Hypnosis Hall of Fame, details here:

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

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Dr. Jonathan Royle Ph.D A Warning About this Fraudster Exposed !! – The Real Truth About Hypnotist Alex William Smith and the Defamatory Lies Some People Are Posting About Him on Internet.

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Hypnotist - Circa 1990

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Hypnotist – Circa 1990

Watch the Video Below for Some Shocking & Eye Opening Confessions from “Britain’s Bad Boy of Hypnosis” Alex Smith aka Dr. Jonathan Royle.

(And then you’ll also find the links below of interest as well)
Are You A Member of Any of These Fake Organisations?

Association of Complete Mind Therapists - ACMT

Association of Complete Mind Therapists – ACMT

Well all I am going to say to that is the numerous Testimonials here – speak for themselves…
(And The Cars, Degree & Controversial Media Articles Etc)

Mazher Mahmood aka The Fake Shiekh –

Some are trying to make out that this initiative is dangerous and have missed the point that its about PREVENTION and we will NOT be treating anybody with Suicidal Thoughts.
All is explained at the following link where the replay of a Radio Interview I did can also be listened to:
In regards to me having been Inducted into the “Hypnosis Hall of Fame” as set up by The South African Academy of Hypnosis, this is not some lie on my part or indeed anyone’s part and the truth of the matter can be seen at this link:
Dr. Jonathan Royle - King of Hypnotists

Dr. Jonathan Royle – King of Hypnotists

Some Internet Liars have stated that I have only ever done a few
Stage-Hypnosis Shows and they falsely claim that these were all in Rochdale.


Well the fact is I have performed all over the world and most certainly not just in Pubs as some like to make out, from Theater’s and Universities to Cruise Ships and Five Star Hotels, I have performed on them all, some clips from my shows can be seen at:


And also at this link there are even more clips…
And for those who look closely at those links you’ll also soon discover that “The Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists” – (P.O.S.H) has hugely successful Stage Hypnotist members all over the world and not just one member (me) as again wrongfully stated and published by some complete liars on the internet.





Dr. Jonathan Royle - Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner

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Hypnotist Hopes Fake Sheikh Nightmare Will End Soon – (How Convicted Journalist Mazher Mahmood’s Dishonesty Ruined Celebrity Mind Therapists Life)


Controversial Stage Svengali & Celebrity Mind Therapy Consultant Jonathan Royle has today spoken of the “Living Nightmare” that he has been subjected to for over 18 years
since the now Convicted Journalist Mazher Mahmood aka “The Fake Sheikh” published
a largely fabricated story about him in the now defunct News of the World newspaper.

Royle, aged 41 of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, who was born Alex William Smith whilst
his parents were travelling on Gandey’s Circus has always maintained his innocence and
complete lack of any Criminal intent during the slightly backfired Publicity Stunt he was involved in back in 1998, during which his sole intention was to expose the often dodgy & dishonest journalistic techniques of The infamous “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood.

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

This was accepted and acknowledged in Court as Fact by The Police, Crown Prosecution Service and the Judge in the Manchester Crown Court Case which ultimately led to Royle (aka Alex Smith) entering a late plea of guilty as he was advised at the last moment, that he was not going to be afforded the same “Journalistic License” for his activities in the attempted expose of Mahmoods Techniques as would be afforded to Mahmood himself and thus help protect the “Fake Sheikh” from Prosecution for many years.

As was accepted and acknowledged in Court, Royle always knew who he was dealing with and knew that the Counterfeit Coins that he delivered to Mahmood would never enter
into public circulation, but rather would be handed to the Police by Mahmood and ultimately
Royle would then be able to help the Police investigate those who supplied the Coins.

Unfortunately due to not being afforded the same “Journalistic License” as was given to
Mahmood, despite all parties confirming and stating in court that “this was not a normal case” and that it was “all a publicity stunt” that had got a little out of hand, Royle was
given a Six Month Custodial Prison Sentence.


*He Knew That The Fakes WOULD NOT be circulated Publicly.

*His meetings with the reporters were a PUBLICITY STUNT.

*Judge David Owen Said “I Limit This Sentence because IT IS NOT AN ORDINARY CASE”

*It was a PUBLICITY STUNT to gain media recognition which had backfired.

*Anthony Morris defending said “One of the men he dealt with was Smiths former Publicity Agent, they had been concerned together in earlier SCAMS aimed at getting Smith Publicity, and he knew whatever he said or did would get newspaper exposure!”

*He Has done many outlandish things TO GAIN PUBLICITY

*Smith Knew the Fake Coins WOULD NOT be circulated Publically in what was a ONE OFF offence by a Man of Good character.


*In the actual Court Case, the Judge, Crown Prosecution Service and also the Police ALL CONFIRMED IN COURT that having seen all the evidence that they 100% KNEW that it was all a PUBLICITY STUNT & MEDIA STING engineered BY ME to help gain Publicity for myself and also TO EXPOSE DODGY JOURNALISTS AND JOURNALISM.

Hypnotist is to Appeal Mazher Mahmood "Fake Sheikh" Conviction

Hypnotist is to Appeal Mazher Mahmood “Fake Sheikh” Conviction

Royle aka Alex William Smith is one of Six People including Former Grange Hill and Londons Burning Actor John Alford and Boxer Herbie Hides who are now being Represented by Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law and  have currently got their
Appeals against their Convictions lodged with The Criminal Cases Review Commission

With My Good Friend John Alford

Royle With His Good Friend John Alford

Royle has also appointed Lawyer Mark Lewis of Seddons to deal with the Civil
Claims part of proceedings in the quest to clear his name once and for all.

Today When Interviewed Royle Said:

“For far too long the dishonest journalist and so called King of The Sting Mazher
Mahmood has hidden behind Journalistic Privilege and has consequently been able to
entice & manipulate people into doing things they would never normally dream of doing, whilst on other occasions blatantly distorting things and even manipulating evidence
and perceived reality to suit his own ends”

Royle Continued:

“I have for over 18 years been fighting to make the truth about Mahmood and his
techniques known and have hoped, that by so doing it would at some point help
the likes of Herbie Hides, my friend John Alford and others to get their convictions overturned”

“The past 18 years has at times been a living hell for me (and no doubt many of
Mahmoods other victims) as myself, my family and also my friends have on many
occasions been subjected to abuse and bullying based on peoples incorrect
perceptions of me as some kind of criminal mastermind”

Mazher Mahmood aka The Fake Shiekh -

Mazher Mahmood aka The Fake Shiekh –

“The simple fact is that I was never ever charged in any manner for any of the
outrageous and truly shocking allegations made in Mahmoods News of the World Article about me, except for delivering some fake pound coins to him, for which, it was even accepted in court I had done with zero criminal intent attached and for which I was only ever charged as I was not afforded the same “Journalistic License” as Mahmood”

“Having been at the Old Bailey on Wednesday 5th October 2016 and witnessed
the jury of 6 men and 6 women unanimously reach a verdict of GUILTY against
Mazher Mahmood and his driver Alan Smith for Conspiracy to Pervert The Course
of Justice, it is now my sincere hope that all of Mahmoods Victims can get their
convictions overturned, get their names cleared and start afresh without being
the target of abuse, harassment or prejudice the likes of which I have had to endure
on regular occasions during the past 18 years”

Royle Concluded by Saying:

“Thank God that I am a trained Hypnotherapist and have been able to use my skills
in order to help me stay mentally strong, some others I have encountered who have been targeted by Mahmood have unfortunately not been so lucky and where possible I have
been glad to offer them my services to help them regain some sense of positivity in life,
but now Mahmood has been found Guilty I hope that will be the Catalyst of Hope and
the start of the light at the end of the tunnel getting much brighter for all of Mahmoods
innocent victims”

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Hypnotist - Circa 1990

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Hypnotist – Circa 1990


For more details about Royle’s encounter with Mazher Mahmood which resulted in
him unfairly having to spend time in Manchester’s Notorious Strangeways Prison and
for background on his time spent as a media prankster please check out the facts
and evidence at the following link:

Discover More About Jonathan Royle at


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HAVE YOU GOT ANY OF MY PAST T.V. SHOWS ON VIDEO?? – Or Perhaps Copies of my Newspaper & Magazine Features Over the past Three Decades or So ??


Due to a Flood some years ago I have lost almost ALL my archives of the 100’s of Psychic and Hypnosis TV shows that I have appeared on around the world and also lost most of my Newspaper and magazine cuttings as well.

If you have any of these laying around PLEASE GET IN TOUCH and in exchange for supplying me copies of the ones I don’t already have, I will more more than happy to give you access to some of my various Products from whether those of a Magical, Mentalism or Hypnosis Nature.


In my former stage names of Alex Alexander and also David Williams I made several Appearances on the The Big Breakfast the Cult Channel Four Breakfast TV Show.

On one occasion during around 1996 or 1997 again on the Big Breakfast I read Zig and Zags Belly Buttons along with Rory Bremner and Zoe Ball and on another I read the Navel of Boxer Frank Bruno and the Sweet Valley High Identical Twins amongst others.

Another time in 1996 or 1997 on the Big Breakfast, hosted by Keith Chegwin I demonstrated “Pawology” Dogs Paw Reading on the Big Breakfast.

Around a similar time I was reading Belly Buttons in the back of a London
Black Taxi on a show called “Taxi” which went out late night on ITV i think.

 On another “Big Breakfast” I played the part of a man addicted to Beetroot..

Fairly certain it was 1996 that I appeared on Channel Fives “Fives Company” with John Barrowman and Read Dogs Paws and also did some Spoon Bending.

In 1994 German RTL filmed my full Adults only Hypnosis Show for broadcast on their station and in the same year Granada TV featured me in a debate on Stage Hypnosis.

I also in 1994 was featured twice in one morning (Paul McKenna was on same day) on ITV’s Breakfast Show “GMTV” and I seem to recall shortly after was on ITV’s “The Time The Place”

Central TV featured me in a Documentary called “The Tuesday Special Documentary” and the subject was Stage Hypnosis, it was voiced over by Uri Geller.

Granada TV’s “Granada Tonight” and also “Granada Tonight” both featured me as a Hypnotist in items as did BBC’s “Here & Now” documentary show in 1994.

Around 1995/1996 time I was filmed for several shows by German RTL and Pro Sieben TV doing Psychic Belly Button Readings..

Around the same time Childrens BBC filmed and featured me in a show called “FOT” (False or True) and the BBC also filmed me for a show I think that went on BBC 2 called “Body Parts” again both were on Belly Button Reading.

1996 or 1997 I was on ITV’s “Funky Bunker” with Craig Charles doing Belly Button Mind Reading and during around same time was on Living TV’s “Live At Three” doing Navel Gazing as well (Al Murray The Pub Landlord was on same show).

Late 1997 or early 1998 as Alex Alexander I appeared a few times on Nickelodeon Childrens TV doing Navel Gazing, Spoon Bending and other bizarre Psychic Mentalism Stuff.

1994 & 1995 & 1996 as Alex-Leroy I appeared numerous times on Central Weekend Live (Central TV) and Thursday Night Live (London TV) and Kilroy (BBC TV) in various Hypnosis or Speed Seduction Related Debate Shows.

Another time around year 2000 I was a Featured Guest and Expert on the “Trisha” debate show.

Around 1996/1997 appeared as the Feature Guest alongside Cleo Rocus and others on Ulster TV’s (UTV) “The Kelly Show” in Belfast again Navel Gazing the celebrity Guests and host.

During same time appeared on Anglia TV’s “The Warehouse” reading Bella Emburg (Blunder Woman from Russ Abbot Shows) and Snooker Player Sean Meo and Presenter Lowry Turners Belly Buttons, I also appeared on this show shortly before Princess Diana Died as “Nigel Brown” the Daily Sports Paper Bag Man where James Whale Ripped the bag off my head.

Again during 1996 was on BBC’s “All Rise for Julian Clary” this time playing the part of a man who would not get rid of his pet snails in my birth name of Alex Smith.

On “All Rise for Julian Clary” I played the part of a man who had pet Snails and was
refusing to get rid of them!

These are just a few examples of the 100’s Of TV Shows around the world that I ahve been featured on over the past 23+ Years in my names of Alex Smith, Alex-Leroy, David Williams, Alex AlexAnder, NIgel Brown, Jonathan Royle, etc.

So if you have any videos lying around of me doing my Belly Button Reading, Dogs Paw Reading, Psychic or Mentalism Routines, Stage-Hypnosis and/or Hypnotherapy on TV Shows around the world including the many I did for German RTL Stations THEN PLEASE DO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME or upload the footage to Youtube perhaps and send me the link please?

Also any press cuttings or magazine articles about me that you could scan and email me would be truly appreciated, examples being that the first ever issue of a magazine called “Eva” had a hypnosis story about me in it and Chat magazine once did a major Belly Button Psychic Feature on me as did Uri Gellers “Encounters” magazine and 100’s of others.

Heck I’m even after press cuttings from around 1990/1991/1992 where Bolton Evening News, Manchester Evening News and Heywood Advertiser amongst others covered my Magical Talents.

And the same applies to any of my radio interviews over the past few decades!
In short if you have any Video of me on any TV Show around the world, audio of radio shows or copies of newspapers/magazines that I have been featured in around the world over the past few decades THEN PLEASE INBOX ME AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE..

You can contact me via my official website of
If it’s something I don’t already have then I’ll be delighted to give you some of my products in exchange for getting me a copy to add to my archives.

Many thanks in advance for any and all help you can offer.

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

#JonathanRoyle #AlexSmith #MediaPrankster #MediaHoax #RoyleMedia #RoyleTVShows #BellyButtonPsychic #Pawology

THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS HYPNOSIS – Strong Psychological Reasons Why Hypnosis Does Not Exist As Such or Only Exists in The Mind of the Believer!




(Psychological Reasons Why Hypnosis Does Not Exist As Such)


These are arguably 3 of the most thought provoking videos you may ever watch on the subject of how and why Hypnotherapy, Stage-Hypnosis and indeed all forms of Hypnosis, NLP and Psychological Talking Therapies truly work, when they do work.

Please watch them in order and then it will all make way more sense to you..

Part One


Part Two


Part Three


These three videos are made up of the footage that was Originally posted as a Facebook Live Interactive Video Broadcast on Steve Miller’s A-Lister Go Getters Hypnotherapists Facebook Group here:

As well as watching all three of the videos above, you will find that the Clinical Paper from the International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (IJCAM) that is talked about can be downloaded Free along with several other valuable Free Gifts from

Finally you would be extremely wise to check out the site mentioned of for Testimonials from past students which will prove to you what Royle says and teaches truly does work.

And for more About Jonathan Royle visit his official site of 

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Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith Reflects on 2015 and Looks Forward to 2016

Hello There,

As 2015 comes to a close it is for many a time of Reflection, a time to look back on what we have achieved, what we regret not doing, friends we have made and loved ones we may have lost.

Then overnight 2016 is upon us and we all make “New Years Resolutions” most of which people stop keeping too within a matter of a few short days or weeks at best.

In that regards This 100% Free Virtual Online Treatment Session could help you make 2016 your best year ever –

Oh and before we take a look at what I managed to achieve during 2015, make a note in your diary that at 2pm UK GMT (9am Est) which is also 11pm in Hong Kong I will be a guest on Jay Tee’s 24UM alongside 47 other of the Worlds Leading Hypnotists as per:

I was delighted to be asked to speak during the above event which takes place this Sunday 3rd January virtually online, it will be great to add to the resume alongside the fact I was one of the Speakers on the Worlds Largest & Biggest Attended Ever To Date Hypnosis Training “The Hypnosis Event” and also the Worlds Biggest and Most Attended Online NLP Training “The NLP Event” both of which were run by Tellman Knudson and both of which saw me speak alongside the World’s Leading Experts in their fields!

Any Having looked at the list below of what I achieved in 2015 I’ve decided that I really must try harder during 2016…

What do you think?


*Very Early January I received a Disclosure Pack from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) which had been sent to me so I could consider appealing my “Fake Sheikh Conviction” following the collapse of the Drugs Trial with Tulisa Contostavlos in July 2014 and the BBC Panorama Expose Documentary of November 2014.

*In February my Local Newspaper reported the fact that I was about to appeal my “Fake Sheikh” Conviction as per:

*My Appeal was also mentioned on sites such as and the Guardian Newspaper as per the link of:

*In Early August my “Fake Sheikh Appeal” was sent to the Courts of Appeal by my Lawyer Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law- and Progress continued with my Civil Claim thanks to my appointed Lawyer Mark Lewis of the Phone Hacking Legal Cases Fame.

*My Appeal is due to be heard sometime in 2016 in the Courts of Appeal in London, we are just awaiting the confirmed date.

*Launched my new look website at

*Released a New Paperback book “The Psychic Secrets of Alex-Leroy” now on sale through every major bookstore which many have stated is the best work they have read on the subject of the Q and A style Psychic Act – Indeed Richard Webster has said it is one of the best books he has ever read on the subject!

*Released a New Paperback book “The Perfect You” now on sale through every major bookstore. This is arguably the most Honest, Eye Opening and direct to the point Self-Hypnosis and Self-Help book you will ever read by anyone

*Released a New Edition of the Paperback book “R.O.A.M – The Realiy of All Matter” aka “Ramblings of a Madman” now on sale through every major bookstore as per

*Released the New & Improved “Mobile Magic 2015” package of Animated Gifs for use on Mobile Phones, Tablets and Similar devices by Magicians, Mentalists and Hypnotists as per

*Released Over 50 Digital Download Products Covering all Areas of Magic, Mentalism & Hypnosis via the Worlds Largest Magical Distributor “Murphy’s Magic Supplies” as per –

*Became a “Cartoon” Courtesy of the Guys & Girls at Penguin Magic as per –

*Thanks to the Murphy’s Magic Distribution deal this year saw my products being listed and sold on the vast majority of Magic Dealers Websites around the World.

*Released my Book “Royle’s R.A.T System” which teaches how to easily remember the meanings of the 25 Runes, 78 Tarot Cards, 12 Star Signs and 52 Playing Cards in 60 Minutes or Less –

*During July ran a Sold Out Three Day Live Hypnosis Training Event in London At The Crowne Plaza Hotel and released the event on video as per

*During October ran a Sold Out Two Day Live Hypnosis Training Event in Rochdale at True Serenity and released the event on video as per

*Acquired back the Legal Rights to Sell pretty much every product that I have ever made and released over the past 25 Years. I had sold the rights to many of these years back, but this year negotiated deals that mean I now have the legal rights to sell all my stuff again which I have now made available (along with the dozens of new products that I have released over the past 12 months) as individual download video packages and such like at:

*I released literally dozens & dozens (in fact well over a 100+) Self-Help, Self-Healing and Personal Development Products via my new online Healing Store located at

*I wrote, recorded and released the expanded and improved 2015 version of “Hypno-High” as per

*I wrote, recorded and released “Hypno-Tits” to help Women Either Increase Their Breast Size or to at least Feel More Positive and Confident about their body’s as per

*I wrote, recorded and released “Hypno-Grow” to help Men either increase their Penis Size or to at least Feel More Positive and Confident about their body’s as per

*The International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine publish my paper on “The True Keys to Hypnotic Success” as per:

*The Website Self-Growth which is one of the Worlds Biggest and Most Visited Self-Help and Personal Development Sites made me one of their Trusted Authors able to publish Articles and reports on their platform:

*For the Second Year Running I make the shortlist of people voted for the “Lifetime Achievement Award” (but again as I don’t attend the event I don’t win) from the APCTC aka Association of Professional Coaches Trainers and Consultants.

*Perform my Mentalism and/or Hypnosis Acts/Shows for events such as “Dinner with The Stars” and other such events with Celebrity and High Profile Guests in attendance.

*Proudly continue to Coach Select Students and Colleagues around the World by Skype and Personal Coaching Sessions to help ensure they achieve all the success they desire and am delighted that they all got excellent results!

*Helped numerous people to positively change their lifes for the better by way of my
personal one to one and also Group Hypnotherapy Sessions.

*Award Winning Artist Mark Metcalfe asks me to let him do a Portrait of me, ultimately I agree on condition that I will gain ownership of it, which should be ready for me early 2016. Some of his past works can be seen at this link:

*During December I Recieve an Award from the Facebook Magic Group “The World Magic Network”. The Comical Award declares that I am the Winner of the “Serial Promoter And Marketeer of Magic & Mentalism (S.P.A.M.M) as per this video –

*Started to upload and prepare all the other materials I’ve released over the past 25 years so that they are all available in one “Members Only” area that is easy to Navigate, Easy to Use and mega Value for money which will be officially released via a network of affiliates during early 2016 as soon as the official webpage (which is not the one at link that follows) is done:


*Plus Various other Projects were started during 2015 with various people, however I cannot currently go into any detail about them due to the Non Disclosure Agreements and Legal Contracts that are in place. But I can say WATCH THIS SPACE as 2016 Promises to be most interesting indeed.

*As a Family we went on Holiday, ate out extremely regularly in lovely Restaurants, went to Live Shows and Performances and most of all continued to be VERY PROUD of our daughter Ashleigh who is doing really well at School and has a mega busy diary of after school clubs and classes such as Swimming, Dance, Drama and Art Classes.

*Before the end of December all of the content and also the Cover Designs were ready so that production can start in early Jan 2016 on my Two NEW PHYSICAL Products. One is a Bumper Package teaching Fortune Telling Techniques and the other is the Ultimate Self-Help Package. Both will be sold Mail order and also “Back of the Room” at the live Speaking engagements that I intend to be doing during 2016.

*The Year ended with me on 30th December releasing my new book “The Art of the Perfect Pitch” subtitled “Insider Secrets of Pitching and Selling Magic & Novelties” which has overnight already gained critical acclaim from Mark Lewis, Devin Knight, Russell J. Hall and others as per:


With That Thought in Mind….


And take a look at the fuller details here:

Or for details of my other Services and for ideas of how we could perhaps work together during 2016 visit my official website of:


Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle

Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood Back in Court… 6 Convictions Being Appealed by Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Hypnotist , Herbie Hides (Boxer), John Alford (Actor) and Others all represented by Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law and Mark Lewis of Seddons Solicitors. Finally the truth over News of The World Stings May Come Out. #FakeSheikh #MazherMahmood #CPS #CCRC #CourtofAppeal #AlexSmith #JonathanRoyle

Let’s Start with this Blog Posting from Wednesday 29th July 2015 which I have copied and pasted from this link:

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 – Written by Tim Fenton.

Mazher Mahmood aka The Fake Shiekh - Why Has He not Been Charged with Perjury Yet?

Mazher Mahmood aka The Fake Shiekh – Why Has He not Been Charged with Perjury Yet?

Fake Sheikh Back In Court

Events may not have moved very far at the CPS as regards the decision to charge Mazher Mahmood, aka the Fake Sheikh, but the Court of Appeal is about to hear the case of one Alex Smith, former professional prankster, who was, it seems, set up by Mahmood back in 1998 over a counterfeit money sting. Smith thought he was playing a prank on Mahmood, only to find himself on the front page of the now-defunct Screws soon afterwards.

He later changed his plea to guilty, partly because of Mahmood’s ability to hide behind journalistic privilege, and a third party whom he had previously befriended turning out to be one of Mahmood’s accomplices. Smith was given a custodial sentence. But the bad news for the Fake Sheikh is that there are five other appeals that may get bundled in with Smith’s, one of which is that of actor John Alford.

Alford was effectively ruined after Maz stung him over a drug deal which the actor had been induced into making. The Fake Sheikh was seen laughing at the prospect of his target being ruined in a video shown as part of John Sweeney’s Panorama investigation which the Murdoch empire’s lawyers did their best to keep off the screens. The reason for asking for all six cases to be heard together is straightforward.

As the papers to be laid before the court tell, there are “serious concerns over the safety of those convictions … The common thread to all matters is the integrity of Mazher Mahmood … who was the sole progenitor in all of the cases. In January 2015, the CPS sent ‘Disclosure Packs’ to 25 defendants who had either pleaded guilty or who had been convicted as a result of evidence provided by Mazher Mahmood”.

There was more: “In nearly all cases, complaint was made about the methods employed by him in the obtaining of ‘evidence’, the veracity of that evidence, the disclosure regime that he operated in, as well as his hiding of ‘sources’ from the court, Police, and the defence via journalistic privilege. There is now a suggestion that he has been involved in, and with associations, whose activity can be properly described as criminal”.

And here was the pièce de résistance: “Furthermore … it is submitted that on the face of it, not only has [Mahmood] lied in a staccato fashion to a number of courts over the years, it is clear that he misled the Leveson Inquiry”. So who else is in the frame for appealing their conviction? To no surprise at all, former boxer Herbie Hide’s name is there. Hide also featured in the Panorama exposé of Mahmood’s methods.

The submission, indeed, refers to the Panorama film, the attempt to block its screening, and, to no surprise at all, Judge McCreath and the Tulisa Contostavlos case. It covers the match-fixing case against several footballers, which has also recently been thrown out. It notes that Mahmood continues to have all his legal fees paid by the Murdoch press. And the observations include Maz’ claim to have bent Police officers on his side.

All of which suggests that the Fake Sheikh, his lawyers, and eventually the press, when they all decide to wake up and smell the coffee, may be gainfully employed with this one for a while yet. We will be having another look at proceedings later.