The Truth About Phillip Schofield, Keith Barry and ITV’s Hypnosis Game Show You’re Back In The Room #YBITR – Plus Are they using Actors?

Firstly to address the “Are they using Actors” Question I suggest you take a look at the posts on my Twitter Profile at 

Seriously as in posts on their from the dates of March 21st and March 22nd and then after those dates as well I have posted the proof that sadly the vast majority of the so called contestants seem to come from what I would call “fame seeking” backgrounds.

As if the chance of a share of £25K would not be enough to motivate most people to make a fool of themselves on Television…


Just to set the record straight, as certain people seem to think my posts about #YBITR You’re Back In The Room​ are some kind of personal attack against Phillip Schofield, For the record I wish to state that:


 Phillip Schofield with Jonathan RoylePhillip Schofield with Jonathan Royle

I’ve had the pleasure to work with him as you can see in the video at link below and he is not only a truly genuniely nice person, but also is the consumate professional and a true pleasure to work with. Plus he has an amazing sense of humour.

So in no way are my views on that show #Yourebackintheroom any reflection on Phillip Schofield​ who I have enjoyed watching on TV since his days on BBC in the Broom Cupboard with Gordon the Gopher.

I actually am dissapointed for Phillip that he ended up presenting such a disjointed and badly thought out show as “You’re Back in The Room” it really is not worthy of his Professionalism, but thank god he is there to hold it all together and help make it slightly more bearable.

Also regards the Hypnotist Keith Barry​ none of my comments have ever meant to appear as any personal attack towards him, indeed Kieth is an amazing Performer and a Skilled Hypnotist, so god only knows why he agreed to let ITV go through Auditions and callbacks and rehershals etc to find and coach “contestants” when he WITHOUT DOUBT has the ability to just have a large invited audience and to then HYPNOTISE GENUINE VOLUNTEERS from the audience on the day of the show.

I know that is 100% possible to do TV Filming wise as well, because I have done it for Live TV such as Channel Fours “The Word”, Recorded TV such as Channel Fives “The Gadget” Show and for many other TV Shows around the world.

Unfortunately leaving it to ITV to advertise and set up auditions etc has meant it looks like Keith Barry​ needs to use Stooges and Actors WHICH IS NOT THE CASE IN HIS LIVE HYPNOSIS SHOWS.

When Keith Performs live he uses GENUINE audience members who he has never met before and has not auditioned or rehearshed and his live shows are WAY FUNNIER than anything you are seeing on TV and also way more BELEIVABLE.

My criticisms as outlined in the videos and blog here –  about the show #Yourbackintheroom are ABOUT THE SHOWS FORMAT and also the fact that they ended up with contestants that all seem to be wannabe Actors, Performers, Media and TV industry types etc.

So for the final time, Keith Barry is a wonderful LIVE performer and Phillip Schofield an amazing Professional TV Presenter.

However the show You’re Back in the Room is still A VERY BAD reflection of Comedy Stage Hypnosis and rest assured seeing a comedy stage hypnotist live is WAY FUNNIER and WAY MORE BELIEVEABLE

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And this Contestant Taylor (week 2) blocked me after I noticed it said actress on her profile. May have changed it?

So Helen from week 3 of seems to have past media experience

Here is Helen (44) the Black Cab Manager from Episode 3 of and here is her website

Based on comments on his Facebook Contestant Ross Calder (week one) defintely does Public Performances

Contestant Ross Calder (week one) another performer is a keen drummer and has played in bands I gather

Contestant Leonie Hindley (week one) aka doing some modelling Wonder what other performing she has done?

Jonnie Partridge a Contestant on Week 4 of could this be same person

Seems Jonnie Partridge from week 4 of has been on deal or no deal. A Serial Game Show Contestant?

Week 2 Contestant Kate Feather aka Kate Hempsall – does she look like a Fame Seeker to you??

Week 2 Contestant Kate Feather has a career as a tribute act ahead of her

A Professional Actor Type who was contestant on week two of You’re Back In The Room

(Week 3) Sean Howarth – So is this you in this photo Have you been acting long?

Sean Howarth (week three) Strange because you this Facebook comments on Whitefield AODS events

The Publicity of week 2 won’t do Self Employed Personal Trainer Terry Anderson any harm

So Kate Cook from week one was “Approached” and asked onto the show

You Will be able to find More Evidence of “Contestants” having Fame Seeking Backgrounds, Jobs and/or relevant Hobbies on my twitter profile as and when it comes to light at