Was Uri Geller Once a Stage Hypnotist & What Other Feats Other than Psychic Style Metal Bending Has he Performed Over the Past 5 Decades?

Magic of Uri Geller A

One time back in 1996 when I first met Uri Geller in person (although we had spoken on the telephone a few times prior to meeting) at Waterstones Book Store in Birmingham England whilst he was signing copies of his recently released “Uri Geller’s Mind Power Kit” I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with both Uri & his brother in law Shippi Shtrang as we had a chat over drinks in a local coffee shop and during this conversation Uri gave me much great advice and also mentioned that early in his career he had performed Hypnosis as part of his Public Demonstrations and Stage Acts.

Well in recent years I was delighted to find photographs in some of the books by and about Uri Geller showing him performing Hypnosis & Hypnotic Style Feats, several of which I myself have included in my performances for well over 3 decades at time of writing.

Check out these pictures and along the way also some videos of the “Abnormal Lift” Levitation Style Experiment and The Full Body Catalepsy Hypnosis Stunts being performed.

Uri geller with hypnotist Avishalom Drori 1970s    Uri Geller is seen with hypnotist Avishalom Drori next to Shmuel Shai (center) in this picture taken in the early 1970s. (credit: Courtesy Uri Geller Archives)

Abonormal Lift A

Above and below Uri Geller is performing the “Abnormal Lift” Psychic Hypnosis Style Levitation “Lighter Than Air” Experiment my version/s of which can be seen in some videos which will follow these photographsAbnormal Lift B

Full Body Catalepsy 

In the above picture Uri Geller is performing Hypnotic Full Body Catalepsy something that you will see me perform several times at the end of one of my Old Promotional Videos here

I then discovered mention of him performing Hypnosis as part of his early stage shows along with the same Photograph of him doing such appearing in multiple books about and by the Living Legend Uri Geller Himself as these next pictures from books all of which are unreservedly recommended reading illustrate

Unothordox A

Unothordox B

Unothordox C

Unothordox D

I also noticed in “Unorthodox Encounters” that Uri makes mention of HealingUnothordox E

Magician A

Magician B

Geller Effect A

Geller Effect B

Geller Effect D

In the “Geller Effect” Book there is also the next picture which shows Uri running a “Mind Power” Style Seminar for Business Men, call it what you like but Positive Mind Programming of any kind is Hypnosis and so unquestionably Uri Geller performed as a Stage Hypnotist during his early shows and also ran Self-Help Personal Development Style Hypnosis Style Seminars for business people
Geller Effect C 

Of Course Uri is best known however for his Amazing Ability of his Original Creation of Psychic Style Metal Bending whereby using Mind Power he is able to make Nails, Keys, Spoons, Forks and other Metal Objects Visibly Bend, Twist and Melt in the most miraculous of manners earning him the well deserved accolade of being the World’s Most Investigated Mystifier of the past 50 years!Uri Fork Bending

Uri Spoon Bending


Gellerism Revealed

I am Proud to have recently become a Citizen of Uri Geller’s Lamb Island, you too can become a Citizen and help a worthy Charity at the same time by visiting this link https://www.urigeller.com/lamb/


Although we did not meet in person for the first time until 1996, Earlier in 1994 Uri had done the voice over on a British Television Show made by Central TV called “The Tuesday Special Documentary” within which I appeared aged just 18 on the Episode about Stage Hypnotists and can be seen following the advice that Uri later gave me in person, namely that of being ORIGINAL & CONTROVERSIAL

In the mid to late 90’s whilst working Part time (alongside my Stage Shows) in a Showbiz Entertainment Agency called “Music Business Management aka MBM” in Rochdale I had the pleasure to interview Uri for “The Mystic Times” Newspaper which we published and also to engage Uri to perform his Stage Show for British MENSA at a Private event in a Manchester Hotel.

I was also fortunate and privileged to speak with Uri several times on the phone in and around 1996/1997 when he advised me that it could be a good idea to add Past Life Regression Hypnosis demonstrations to my offerings, something I later did as illustrated by these two videos  

And I also got much other Media & Magazine Coverage for my Past Life Regression some of which can be seen on my Career Resume Page located at www.magicalguru.co.uk

Proof B 

Proof A

I recently saw the Post Above from Mark Edwards on Facebook and it got me thinkingProof C

Proof D

It got me thinking as to what could have been the original inspiration for Uri Geller’s most Famous Feats of Psychic Style Metal Bending, fortunately I and others who are interested will not have to wait too long to work that out a little more clearly as an amazing new book is due to be launched at the Start of April 2023 written by Ben Harris and published by Vanishing Inc Magic and entitled “BEND IT LIKE GELLER” Bend it like geller

This Amazing book is set to celebrate 50 Years of “The Geller Effect” and will examine everything that contributes to making up the Living Legend that is Uri Geller bend it like geller blurb 

One of the most Magical Memories I have is of around the age of 5 (Circa 1980) seeing Uri Geller making a Spoon Bend, Melt and then snap on TV followed by making broken watches start again and a whole host of other truly Miraculous Psychic Style Feats that captured my imagination and in conjunction with the amazement I got from watching British Television Magician Paul Daniels I just knew from an early age that I had to be involved in the Mystery Arts in some way in the future and indeed I now have been for my whole life to date and as I write this I will be turning 48 years of age in August 2023.

Many question whether what Uri does is real or just Magic Tricks and indeed that debate no doubt had fuel added to the fire when Uri was convinced by his Friend The International Man of Mystery David Berglas to perform a Stage Illusion Magic Trick on ITV’s “Best of Magic” Television Show as per this video

I note however that in his book “The Mind & Magic of David Berglas” that David mentions that Uri was very uncomfortable performing such and clearly was not experienced or comfortable in performing such “Magicians Techniques” which does seem to indicate that Uri may well indeed have some “special powers” as lets face it the CIA and many leading Scientists have over the past 5 decades investigated and validated him as being the Real Thing so who am I to make judgement?

spoon bend on ship

Without a doubt Uri Geller has been a massive positive influence and inspiration in my life and career and I can honestly state that there is much excellent advice that really will help your life to be better on so many levels in his various books shown in the next few pictures



book mind c

I can truly, genuinely and sincerely state that I have learnt tons from the above 4 books which I actually have and do use on a regular basis both in many of my live stage performances and also with my 1 to 1 Hypnotherapy Clients so once again my heartfelt thanks must be extended to the Living Legend that is Uri Geller, heck in the Dowsing Book he even offers advice on how to Make Spoons Bend with the power of Your Mind.

Another excellent release by Uri that contains words of wisdom and PURE GOLD is the 3 DVD Set “Uri Geller Trilogy” by Uri Geller & Masters of Magic from which all profits go to help Ill Children such is Uri’s generosity. uri geller trilogyI suspect by now you may have got the idea that I am something of a massive Uri Geller Fan and you would indeed be 100% Correct, I believe it was due to Uri encouraging me and advising me to be both CONTROVERSIAL & ORIGINAL that helped lead me to developing my Unique acts of “Psychic Belly Button Reading” aka Navel Gazing

I also believe his positive energy and advice also helped me to develop my “Pawology” aka Paw Reading for Dogs as per

More video clips of my Crazy Psychic Style Talents being featured on Television Shows can be seen on my website link at – http://www.magicalguru.com/belly-button-reading/ 

spoon bend on ship

I myself have performed Psychic Style Metal Bending on many Television and Radio Shows, On Stage and also on Luxury Five Star Cruise Ships which is indeed where the picture above was taken whilst sailing in the Bahamas.

I am indeed such a big Uri Geller Admirer that as I sit here typing this blog page I am wearing the engraved Uri Geller Positive Energy watch pictured below
Front of watch

Watch on Wrist


And also on Proud display in my Office where I am typing this is my “Bent Crystal Uri Geller Limited Edition Vase” as pictured in the photographs that follow
Uri Vase

uri vase b

Uri Vase C

Uri Vase F

Uri Vase E

Uri Vase D

Yes it’s true as I write this I am the Proud Owner of Limited Edition Uri Geller “Bent Spoon Vase” number 20 out of 500 and also one of the very nice Uri Geller Positive Energy Watches which means that I also have an Engraved Gold Plated Uri Geller Bent Spoon.

Yep I’m something of a Uri Geller Fan and that is also why over the past close to four decades I have where possible included some Uri Geller style inspired feats in my shows and certainly learnt an awful lot from his “Chutzpah”      

It was Uri’s advice to be CONTROVERSIAL that led me to issuing him this challenge during the World Cup 


And also check out this following link for more in-depth information on the challenge


Uri front page

uri feature inside

There were also some videos I released during that World Cup Challenge Publicity time

I also included some Uri Geller inspired Metal Bending Miracles in my 2001 Bizarre & Surreal Comedy Television Series “Life in The Bus Lane” as filmed in Amsterdam as per the information at – http://www.magicalguru.com/tv-shows/  these included among others

And I’ve in recent months been Bending Spoons, Forks and other Metal Objects galore whilst appearing on Video Interview Internet Television Shows and Podcast Galore discussing the contents of my new book SHITNOSIS

Many other recent Podcasts promoting my new book SHITNOSIS can be seen on my CelebrityHypnotist You Channel here – https://www.youtube.com/celebrityhypnotistShitnosis Book

Fuller details on what I truly believe to be the World’s Greatest Self-Help and Personal Development Book ever published can be seen at this link and in the video below


The Simple Fact is whether Uri Geller is just the Greatest Magician or the Greatest Psychic Phenomenon of all Time is frankly irrelevant.

Whichever he may be (and I suspect it is a combination of the both) there is no doubting that for the past Five Decades he has been the most talked about, publicised and written about Psychic Style Entertainer, Mystifier and Positive Mind Power Guru to ever live since Jesus Christ himself.

Uri Geller Show Poster

The Above Uri Geller Show poster is on display on my Office Wall right now as I type this

Now enjoy this video biography of the Legend that is Uri Geller

Some of Uri’s other Amazing Feats Include making The Needle on a Compass Move by apparent Mind Power alone, Duplicating Drawings that people have drawn and sealed into envelopes and also making Seeds Germinate in seconds as well of course as his World Famous Metal Bending which he originated, enjoy these few videos

Uri Geller’s own official website is – https://www.urigeller.com/

And the website for his “Uri Geller Museum” is at – https://urigellermuseum.com/

I will end here for now by saying that every Magician, Mentalist, Hypnotist and indeed every Mystery Entertainer and Mind Therapist of any and all types would be wise to study the advice given in Uri in his lecture located on his website here 


I was live in the audience at that Lecture and sat in the front rows of the stalls I was lucky enough to be seated pretty much exactly where Uri stopped and stood whilst bending a Spoon when he came off the stage and out into the audience to demonstrate such

Actually before I sign off for now, I just feel the need to state that as mentioned in my autobiography “Confessions of a Psychic Hypnotist” at around the age of 4 or 5 I genuinely had an experience where I woke up during the night and saw what I felt was an “Alien” stood in the room staring at me.

I froze in a kind of “Fear” state and must have eventually gone back to sleep but at the time it truly did feel like there was a Prescence in the room of what I would in later life identify and relate to as being an “Alien” 

Now the explanation that Science would give is that I experienced Sleep Paralysis as per


And indeed I may well have done as I know that I regularly sleep walk and talk and have done since being a small child, but could perhaps there have been something more to it?

All I do know is that despite being able to duplicate many of Uri Geller’s Greatest Feats when performing my tributes to him in my shows, I will never forget the day he bent a Spoon for me in that Coffee shop in Birmingham back in 1996..

The strangest thing was earlier in Waterstones I’d been able to position myself so I was stood diagonally behind where Uri was signing his Mind Power Kits and so was able to see from the rear and side views everything that was going on moments before Bends Started to appear in the Spoons, Forks and Keys that people had brought along with them that day.

Indeed several times Uri actually turned towards me and said in full view and full audibility of the entire crowd (such is his Chutzpah) said “Did you See that Alex” (Alex is my birth name) and each time he did this I wonder what the audience were thinking as from their point of view at that moment nothing had actually happened although it did a few seconds later when Uri turned back to them and very shortly later bends started to appear in the item of metal they had handed over a short while before Uri had turned and spoken to me briefly. 

So yes I can honestly state that it is my belief that in a kind of “Subliminal” and “indirect” manner that Uri Geller personally taught me how he was bending metal objects inside the Birmingham Branch of Water-Stones that day.

However that does not explain how the heck he managed to get the large wall clock (which has not worked for several years) to start ticking and working again and yes it was still working days and weeks later when I returned to the store..

And it does not explain how the heck he made the Spoon both Bend and visually “Melt” before my very eyes up close and personal whilst we were sat together with his Brother In Law Shippi in that Coffee shop in Birmingham after his Mind Power Book Signing.

I still have no idea to this day some 27 years later how the heck that Coffee shop Spoon
Bent & Melted before my eyes in 1996.

I thought I knew every trick in the book so to speak but clearly I was wrong, or was I?

Perhaps there was no trick at all?

Perhaps Uri does have the power to bend metal with his mind?

We’ll never know 100% one way or the other for sure as I can confidently predict that Uri is never going to categorically set the record straight one way or the other such is the long term value of CONTROVERSY

I also just remembered that in Circa 1989/1990/1991 when among other things I was often appearing at Psychic Fayres doing Tarot Reading along with Live Demonstrations of apparent “Clairvoyance” and other related Psychic Abilities such as “Metal Bending” that International Publication “Psychic News” dubbed me as “The New Uri Geller and Doris Stokes Rolled into One” and actually wanted to book me to appear on a Convention type
event they were organising that I understand they had also Booked Uri Geller to Appear on.

Anyhow long story cut short I was unable to accept the Psychic News Booking as I had prior contractual commitments but I came extremely close to being on the same bill as Uri back then in the very early 90’s.

A few random articles about me in my former stage name of Alex-Leroy which appeared in Psychic News now follow.
PN 1PN 2PN 3












Uri Spoon Eyes