Comedy Stage Hypnotist Al Shea is The Tranceformer – Hypnosis Show Sketch Skit Video Clips from St. Helens Theatre Royle. Allan Shea Hypnotist Taught by Dr. Jonathan Royle aka Alex William Smith and also by Justin Tranz Hip-nosis Hip-Notist

In the above video you see some footage of Al Shea, who is also known as “The Tranceformer” Comedy Stage Hypnotist –

Al Shea Theatre Royal Show PosterI am Proud to say that Al Shea is one of my Hypnosis Students, as well as a good friend of mine and it was a pleasure to be able to go along and see his debut Theatre Show last night Saturday 7th June 2014.

Al Shea and His Hypnosis Mentor Jonathan Royle

Al Shea and His Hypnosis Mentor Jonathan Royle

In the above Picture you see me with Al Shea, on stage at The Theatre Royle in St. Helens
literally 30 Minutes before the show starts, giving him some last minute Advice and Words
of Wisdom to help ensure that his show was a huge success, (oh the red on our faces is the stage lighting not some funny rash or skin disease) which indeed it was as can be seen in the following short video clips:

The show last night was certainly Extremely Entertaining, I’m also delighted to say that it was 100% Legal and Lawful in every manner, was Fully Licensed and Insured and above all else was VERY SAFE, thanks largely to Al having studied and paid close attention to all
of the “Health and Safety for Stage Hypnotists” training that is contained within my unique
“Transparency Template” Home Study Training Package here:

As you can see in the above 9 Videos, which were filmed on my new mobile, which I don’t
yet know how to operate properly and so all the settings were wrong, so many apologies for the bad picture, Al Shea put on a most Impressive and highly entertaining show last night and I am very Proud to be able to call him one of my students, as indeed I have no doubt that Justin Tranz Hip-No-Tist will also be extremely proud, given that Al has also
undertaken some training with him also along the way.


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Some would have you believe that they have devised or developed some unique or new approach to Stage Hypnosis when in truth there is absolutely nothing new under the sun.

With the absolute greatest of respect to all Stage Hypnosis Trainers who claim they are
teaching something new or different I, Jonathan Royle 1000% GUARANTEE that there is nothing that you teach that cannot be found somewhere either in my “Transparency Template” DVD set mentioned earlier on in the “Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” package available from http://www.ultimatehypnosiscourse.comĀ 

That includes Induction methods which some trainers claim are the “Fastest” – I guarantee
they are all taught somewhere within those resources, in some manner enabling you to
duplicate anything that you have ever seen, or will ever see absolutely any Stage Hypnotist
on the planet ever do in any manner.

Anyhow, I’ve got off tangent a little bit, Indeed I only mention the above because last night
Al Shea personally stated to me after his excellent show that he was more than happy for
me to post these video clips up onto you-tube and onto my blog etc, and he also stated to me that he was happy for me to point out that I was one of his main teachers and still
am his coach/mentor on many levels.

I said it earlier, but I will say it once more, last night I was extremely proud of the show you
gave Al and I know that with each and every show you do, things will get even better, slicker andĀ  funnier.

Remember TO BOOK AL SHEA for your event visit his site of

Now to end, I have left the most important video clip to last, within this one Al dedicates
last nights show to the memory of The Late & Great Jim Conway.

For those who do not know, Jim was a Fantastic Comedy Stage Hypnotist and an amazing Human being with a most wicked and sometimes twisted sense of humor, and
i am extremely lucky to have known him and also been his “Go to Hypnosis Guru” whenever he needed help, advice, insight or clarification on pretty much any area of Hypnosis.

I’ll leave the last word to my Friend and Student Comedy Hypnotist Allan Shea..

Just Some of the Hypnotists at Al Sheas Show having a drink together to celebrate Als excellent show and also in memory of Jim Conway who should have been there with us all.

Just Some of the Hypnotists at Al Sheas Show having a drink together to celebrate Als excellent show and also in memory of Jim Conway who should have been there with us all.