Free NLP Hypnotherapy Complete Mind Therapy Online Treatment Session for World Hypnotism Day 2014 with Dr. Jonathan Royle Hypnotist. Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Gain Confidence, Overcome Habits, Addictions, Fears & Phobias, Pain Control and Much More..

cropped-new-world-hypno-day-facebook-cover-size-dimensions-final.pngSaturday 4th January 2014 was the 10th Annual World Hypnotism Day and in celebration of this Dr. Jonathan Royle ran a “Live” online Group Hypnotherapy Treatment event.

The video recording of the 90 minute interactive session is now available to watch on demand at

Before the Unique Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) Treatment session which is structured so that whatever your problem or issue may be from A Through to Z this could prove truly
life changing for you, Royle will using the power of your mind make your fingers, hands and eyelids become stuck together before you find yourself glued to your chair through

The Perfect You Key to your mind

The Perfect You Key to your mind

Grab Your 100% Free Online NLP Hypnotherapy and Complete Mind Therapy Treatment
Session now

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD = We would like every person on the planet who has a
Habit, Addiction, Fear, Phobia, Confidence Issue, Pain Issue or indeed any other Problem
or Issue to have the chance to benefit from this Free Treatment Session and as such it
would be greatly appreciated if you could please post the link of onto all of your Social Networks, Forums, Groups and
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acmt logo redAs this event was originally run for the 10th Annual World Hypnotism Day on Saturday
4th January 2014 the links that follow are just examples of the press releases that
were used to promote the original event:

Take A Trance On Me – British Hypnotist Aims to Heal The World And Set New World Record on World Hypnotism Day 2014 with Help of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Members –

Social-Trance On Acid, British Hypnotist Aims to Hypnotize Social Media Users on World Hypnotism Day –

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Mind Coach

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Mind Coach

Dr. Jonathan Royle is the creator of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) a unique one
session treatment approach that combines the most powerful and effective elements of conventional NLP, Hypnotherapy, Creative Visualization and other cutting edge Psychological Change Techniques and Proven Treatment Strategies.

As well as being one of the Worlds most Highly Regarded Hypnotherapists and
Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Royle aged 38 of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England is also regarded as one of the Worlds Top Hypnosis and NLP Trainers as
illustrated at:


Over the Past (Fast Approaching 3 Decades) Years, Royle has trained and worked
alongside practically every major name in the Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and/or NLP and
Personal Development Industry’s.







Social-Trance On Acid, British Hypnotist Aims to Hypnotize Social Media Users on World Hypnotism Day & Set Hypnosis World Record As He Helps to Heal the World with NLP Complete Mind Therapy Hypnotherapy

British Hypnotherapist & Stage Hypnosis Expert Dr. Jonathan Royle, aged 38 of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England is aiming to Heal the World and Mesmerize Social Media users around the globe to help them change their lifes for the better and stick to their New Years Resolutions with ease!

At 5pm UK GMT which is 12pm (EST) and 9am (Rest of U.S.A) on Saturday 4th January 2014 which is the 10th official World Hypnotism Day, Royle will be presenting a 90 Minute Live Online Video Streaming Group Hypnotherapy Session and Power of the Mind Hypnotism event which he has entitled “The Perfect You”

The event is entirely free to attend and you can grab your place now at

Social Media Users To Be Hypnotized Over the Internet

Hoping to help hundreds of thoushands, perhaps even millions of people around the world to stick to their New Years Resolutions and to change their lifes for the better by overcoming and eliminating Fears, Phobias, Habits, Addictions and other problems and issues, Hypnotist Royle is appealing for users of Social Media and Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Linkedin to help him spread the word about this completely free potentially life changing event.

As well as celebrating the 10th Annual World Hypnotism Day, “The Perfect You” live online 90 Minute Group Hypnotherapy Treatment Session and Power of the Mind Hypnosis demonstration is Royle’s chance to set a New World Record for the Worlds Largest ever Live online Group Hypnotherapy Session Event.

That’s why he has described this as SocialTrance on Acid, as he intends (with the help of Social Media Users to spread the word) to smash the record set by fellow Hypnotist Chris Hughes with his Social Trance event which originally took place in 2010 and of which Royle himself was a Technical Consultant and Advisor to.

Unfortunatelty the Social Trance event was plagued with issues and things did not go exactly to plan, the great news however is that due to advances in Video Streaming Technology, such as those offered by Google+ and You-Tube it is now possible to reliably, easily and affordably run a live broadcast of this event, and Royle has also overcome all the other problems such as potential legal issues that halted SocialTrance 2010 from being a totally live event.

And thanks to the Structure of Royle’s  Unique approach of Complete Mind Therapy which combines the most powerful and effective elements of conventional Hypnotherapy, NLP, Creative Visualization and other proven Psychological Treatment Techniques, this Live Online Video Streaming Session is SUITABLE FOR MOST EVERYONE.

The Session has been carefully formulated so that whether you have a Fear, Phobia, Habit or Addiction that you wish to eliminate from your life, or perhaps you have Pain due to Arthritis which you wish to learn to control, or maybe you need more confidence in some area of life, or maybe your desire is just to learn how to overcome Stress in your life, then the truth is, that whatever your Problem, Issue or Complaint, this “Complete Mind Therapy” Session Could Help You Change Your Life For The Better!

Social Media Viewers Will be Glued To Their Chairs..

At the start of the 90 Minute Live Video Streaming “The Perfect You” event, Royle intends to hypnotically stick together viewers fingers, hands and eyelids before gluing them to their seats with Mind Control to prove to them and any Skeptics how truly powerful Hypnosis is!

Skypenosis Works And So Will This Live Video Stream

Hypnotist Royle and also many of his colleagues around the World have been conducting long distance one to one Hypnotherapy Sessions and Small Group Sessions using Skype for many years now, and in just the same way as those sessions have proven to be just as effective for the majority of people as having a Hypnotist say physically in the room with them, so it is that “The Perfect You” Group Hypnotherapy Session which is being broadcast live around the world via Internet Online Video Streaming will (for the majority we are sure) prove to be extremely beneficial, effective and potentially truly life changing.

Stick To Your New Years Resolutions With Ease…

Hypnotherapy truly is one of the most powerful and reliable proven ways to easily be able to stick to your New Years Resolutions, so register now to Secure your Place to Attend this completely free event –

The Perfect Guest For Your “New Years Resolutions” Feature

For more information on Hypnotist Jonathan Royle and also to contact him to arrange Media Interviews about “The Perfect You” Event, World Hypnotism Day and/or Hypnotherapy and his unique approach of “Complete Mind Therapy” and how it can help peoplem to both change their lifes for the better and of course to stick to their New Years Resolutions with ease, please visit his official website of

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