IS MADELEINE McCANN STILL ALIVE? – Are The Wikileaks & Anonymous “Podesta Emails” & Images Proof that Hillary Clintons Presidential Campaign Manager Abducted Madeline? And Are They Proof that She May Still Be Alive?

Could Madeleine McCann Still be Alive??
Seems Strangers than Fiction to even consider it, but…..

Could Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Manager named PODESTA have abducted Madeleine??

One things for sure the artists impressions of a person seen in the area when Madeleine was abducted as published in the Guardian at this link have an uncanny resemblence to John Podesta and Tony Podesta.

So perhaps there were TWO people not one, the Guardian Article says the images are two artists impression of the “same person” but could it be that they are of John and Tony Podesta?

Also could it be that the girl whose wrists are clearly cable tied together in one of the images below (further down on this blog page) is Madeleine McCann ??

As I say read every word at

And bear in mind tons of emails leaked by WikiLeaks seem to implicate the Podestas (and Clintons) to Child Trafficking and other sickening things…
The first batch of leaked emails are at:
And this link also leads to shocking and complelling evidence that indeed all this
could indeed be true

#Anonymous #Wikileaks #Podesta #PodestaEmails

Look at the pictures above and below and honestly tell me that there is not a massive
resemblence between the Artists Impressions from the Police as published in the
Guardian Newspaper in 2013 and the Photographs of the Podesta Brothers.

Look at the above picture and notice that the artists impression even has a mole
on it’s head which is something that one of the Podesta Brothers does indeed have
on their head.

Again is this just coincidence??

And then look at the picture below and you see another artists impression next to another individual connected to the Podesta Brothers…

But seriously what are the chances and odds of two Artists Impressions looking so alike
to two people who have been implicated into Child Trafficking and other sickening things??
The Above Photograph shows a Girl who appears to have her wrists cable tied together..
Also she seems to have a resemblence to Madeleine McCann, although again perhaps that is just purely coincidental?
And if you look at the above image it does seem like the man ringed is one of the Podesta Brothers as pictured earlier on this blog page….

eCompare the picture above and the picture below… then honestly tell me you don’t
think that they bear a stunning resemblence?
In the Image Below the Girl whose hands are clearly cable tied in the image that was
leaked by Wikileaks and also distributed by Anonymous is compared to the facial structure
of Madeleine McCanns mother Kate McCann.

Also now look at the artists impression that the Daily Star published showing
what experts think Maddy would look like aged 11.And then take another look at that girl whose wrists are restrained…

eAnd then here is an artists impression of what they thought she would look like
aged around Seven

And once again compare it to the picture of the girl with her wrists cable tied

eAnd why not take a another look at the comparison to Kate McCann here:

And next look at this image of people (unidentified at the time) that Police released
Artists Impressions of and said they wanted to speak to…Is it possible that the female on lower left hand side is this person, namely Marina Abramovic who as illustrated at the links given earlier is associated to the other people
named on this page and also at the links given on this page.

Another image below will make even more sense when you have studied all of the
emails and other stuff that Wikileaks and Anonymous distributed as per:

#Anonymous #Wikileaks #Podesta #PodestaEmails




(Please Help Us Put An End to Media and Police Corruption)



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