Revised Respondents Notice dated 31st March 2021 from the Crown Prosecution Service in response to my Perfected Grounds of Appeal in relation to my Rupert Murdoch’s Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood Conviction Appeal Case

Below is the link to read the Revised Respondents Notice from the Crown Prosecution
Service dated 31st March 2021 in relation to their thoughts on my Perfected Grounds of 
Appeal as dated 25th February 2021 appealing to have my Rupert Murdoch’s Fake Sheikh
Mazher Mahmood related conviction  overturned.

Ironically this reply DOES NOT in any manner address or respond to many of the points raised in my Grounds of Appeal including of course the issue of NON DISCLOSURE and as before there are various factual errors contained within the document also such as numbers
of coins among other things.

Alex SMITH – Further Revised RN  


As you will notice the document was prepared from the chambers of Sarah Forshaw QC
on behalf of the CPS and it should be noted that Sarah Forshaw QC prosecuted Mahmood
and got him convicted over the Tulisa Trial Collapse so she knows EXACTLY HOW DISHONEST Mahmood is and always has been and surely cannot have any reason on any level to consider any of the Mahmood related Convictions as anything other than UNSAFE 

Then to see all the masses of evidence, facts and proof of Mahmood’s Long Term
Dishonesty, Lies and Deception which clearly illustrate why my conviction should never have been considered “Safe” at any time please check out

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