Born plain Alex William Smith into a Showbiz Family on 13th August 1975 whilst my parents were travelling with Gandey’s Circus I made my stage debut aged 3 as Flap the Clown and grew up exposed to the hidden truths & tricks used behind the scenes in numerous areas of the performance arts to deceive & entertain the public with positive intent.

My early interest into Magic & Conjuring Tricks on the one hand was (so it would seem to an outsider) at polar opposites with my deep dive investigation and research into the world of the Psychic’s, Clairvoyants & New Age Practitioners but in truth I observed first hand many similarities between them both which gave me a unique perspective on all things related to the Mind as my journey towards becoming a Hypnotist continued.

By the Age of 14,  I became the Youngest ever person to be accepted for membership to the original Association of Professional Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists (APHP) as founded by the Late Dr Brian Howard and started to treat people with all manner of Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias and other issues you can possibly think of from A through to Z with great success.

Then aged 15,  I combined my joy and talent for performing with my Hypnotic Skills and started to perform Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows which aged just 17 in January 1993 saw me become one of the first ever Stage Hypnotists to be featured on British Television when I appeared on Channel Fours Cult TV Show “The Word” to critical acclaim.

Now it’s 2022 and on 13th August this year I will turn 47 years of age giving me well over three decades extensive experience as a Hypnotist & as the person who has arguably taught more people who are successful Hypnotherapists & Stage Hypnotists around the World than any other living Hypnosis trainer I can confidently state that “Hypnosis Does Not Exist” or rather to be more precise that “Hypnosis Exists only in the Mind of the Believer”

Yes indeed, despite having apparently “Hypnotized” many thousands of people around the world including Famous Name Celebrities I am the Hypnotist who will honestly tell you that all I ever did and all any Hypnotist ever does is to enter the “Theatre of the Mind” and then Emotionally & Psychologically Manipulate & Influence people with Positive Intent in order to help them more easily and rapidly achieve that which they desire as their new outcome whether that be to overcome a long-term Habit, Addiction or Phobia or they just want to grab their five minutes of fame and let their hair down on stage as a volunteer during a Crazy Fun Hypnosis Show.

I simply provide people with a Safe Environment where they can let go of any and all self blame, shame, guilt and/or regret that may have been holding them back whilst also giving them both permission and a positive excuse to change in the therapeutic context or giving them the safety of me controlling the audience and ensuring that they laugh with them rather than at them as their imaginations run wild & they let their inhibitions vanish in the entertainment hypnosis arena as they feel the “Love” and “appreciation” given to them by the audiences Laughter and Applause.

Therapeutically the client often ends up saying something along the lines of  “Well I’m so glad I met the Royle Hypnotist as before he Hypnotized me I’d tried to Stop Smoking and failed but now I am a happy, healthy, relaxed non smoker!”  

Whereas after a Stage show those who took part often say something like “Wow I knew what I was doing but I just could not stop myself from doing it”

In both cases the way the person has framed things immediately removes any and all self blame, shame, guilt and/or regret from them for not having got off their arses and sorted themselves out sooner in the therapy context and Comedy Hypnosis wise removes all blame from them for making a fool of themselves as after all it was so they claim, me the Hypnotist that made them do it.

The real truth however is that a powerful blend of emotional and psychological manipulation centred on helping to make the person feel inwardly more Loved, Wanted, Needed, Appreciated, Cared For, Cherished and Valued made them feel more “whole” and thus more “capable” as a person and so the previous self-imposed limitations they had placed upon themselves melt away rapidly and they find themselves doing that which in truth they could always have done if they had been able to focus their mind in the right manner which is really my true job as a Hypnotist namely to focus people’s emotions, thoughts, feelings and minds in the right direction for the desired outcome.

The exact techniques I use to positively influence and manipulate people can it is true, also be used by those with negative intent and nefarious aims to manipulate, brainwash and control people and indeed these are the things which I investigate, examine, explain and expose in my 2019 Documentary entitled “Extreme Danger – Extreme Hypnosis” which is subtitled “It’s Time for the Sleep Walking Zombies To Wake Up”.

Indeed that is another area where I stand out from the majority of other Hypnotists in that I openly state that it is indeed possible to make people say and do things that totally contradict their morals and values and that a truly skilled Hypnotic Manipulator can indeed achieve things as studied long ago by the CIA’s “MK-Ultra” project such as turning an innocent individual into a Hypnotically programmed Assassin.

I am also one of the rare few Hypnotists either honest enough to admit it and/or Knowledgeable and Experienced enough to be able to state that everything you see portrayed in the 2021 Netflix Psychological Horror film “Hypnotic” where a Rogue Hypnotist uses Hypnotic Techniques to Kill people is all entirely possible and scarily actually not that hard to achieve in reality.   

Over the years 100’s & 100’s of features on Television & Radio Shows around the World and in National and International Newspapers and Magazines about me & my talents have along the way seen me get the Front Page and a double page spread in The Sun (at the time Britain’s Biggest Read daily newspaper) for curing a Ladies Fear of Traffic Wardens and a feature in USA Today (America’s Largest Circulated & Read daily paper) where I had an entertaining therapeutic encounter with Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal to help promote the launch of their film Analyse that.

I’ve treated Famous Name Celebrities and helped Football Clubs who were going through a bad time improve their mindset and thus in turn their game to the point where they ended up getting into the Premier League, but the truth is most people could have done what I have over the years if they just understood the real truth about what hypnosis truly is and how it truly works which is something I teach all Hypnotherapy and also all Stage Hypnotist students of my “Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” as per the details available on my website at  

I suppose that’s why many have over the years dubbed me as the Hypnotist that truly Open’s Your Eyes!

(c) JONATHAN ROYLE – 2022 

PS: On Saturday 24th September 2022,  I’m going to be both demonstrating, revealing & fully teaching 3 of my most powerful Unique Cutting Edge Rapid Clinical Hypnotherapy Treatment Techniques as well as giving the Key Note Speech (which will be heavily themed on influencing the internal scripts & internal self talk which clients run inside the theatre of their own minds) at this years EVENT22 in Birmingham, England.

You would be wise to secure your ticket to attend right now as I can guarantee you that this will be the most instantly actionable content rich CPD event you will have ever attended. 


PPS: In the bizarre event you don’t know who I am and don’t know about my truly unrivalled achievements in the Hypnotic Industry be sure to check out my Career Resume Here and discover why I am ideally placed to give the Key Note Presentation at EVENT22 



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