Agenda 23 = How Therapists, Hypnotists, Coaches & Consultants Can Make Big Money & Retire Early




(Download The Video, Audio & Resource PDFS 100% Free)


By watching & studying this Four Hour Masterclass you will be taught at least 23 of the easiest to implement, low cost but potentially massively high returns insider success secrets of THE THREE SAGES    3 sages

From how to obtain regular and extensive Features (at almost zero cost) in Newspapers & Magazines as well as on Television & Radio Shows, through to how to obtain high paying Corporate Stress Management and high profile Celebrity Clients, this session will reveal to you THE TRUE INSIDE SECRETS OF MIND THERAPY SUCCESS 

From Learning Secrets and techniques that will massively increase your Social Media Engagement and Conversions into paying clients, through to how your websites, business cards, leaflets and other Marketing Materials should be designed and presented in order to achieve maximum return on investment and in order to massively increase conversions again into paying clients, this course will give you a detailed action plan to make the next 12 months YOUR MOST PROFITABLE YEAR TO DATE.

Indeed you will also be taught how to create your 3 to 5 year Ultimate Fast Track Success & Early Retirement Plan which when actioned could help enable you to retire (should you so desire) far earlier than you ever imagined.

And indeed there truly is potentially no limit as along the way you will also gain insights into how to Easily and Effectively create multiple streams of Passive Income using your Mind Therapy Skills & Talents in a manner where you realistically could end up earning more money whilst you are asleep at night than the vast majority of Mind Therapy Practitioners do whilst they are awake.

In any event reaching a point where you end up with Multiple Streams of Passive Income so you can potentially be earning more whilst you are asleep at night that most therapists ever do when they are awake is certainly something that is worth aiming for and highly achievable when you follow the Royle Advice within this video. 

During this video of the 4 Hour Fast Track Live Workshop you will learn the condensed & distilled Liquid Gold Consistently Proven to work effective essence of the most powerfully profitable Marketing, Advertising, Publicity & Promotional Strategies to enable you to put yourself well and firmly onto the Success M.A.P.P. 

Indeed you are going to learn at least 23 ways to help make even your wildest Goals, Dreams & Ambitions rapidly become reality as you discover how to define, perfect, market and then dominate your chosen “Niche” or indeed “Niches” in a manner that leaves you with no competition.     

Just take a quick look at Royle’s Career Resume (up to June 2022) at the link below and consider that you will during this live event be learning the exact methods Royle has used with massive success both for himself and also his many Famous Name Students around the world


This video has a retail price of £97 UK Sterling and in truth given the invaluable information it contains the video could easily sell for £297 and in truth when put into action will prove worth many, many times that to anyone truly serious about creating their perfect future lifestyle and being able to retire early should they so desire.

However in a moment of madness (and as Black Friday is approaching I figured I could give something back to the community this way) I have decided to give you FREE ACCESS to the entire workshop.

You can therefore download both the video and audio recordings and 3 PDF files of useful links & resources at absolutely no cost to yourself for a limited time.

All I ask is that after watching you post a Review & Testimonial about what value you get from the video onto my personal facebook wall located at

Thanks in advance, enjoy the workshop & I look forward to seeing you post a Review onto my Facebook wall in the very near future. 

PS: Be sure to check out “The Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” and download your Free Prospectus from –


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