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Rylan Clark from X-Factor 2012 Hypnotized by My Friend & Colleague Hypnotist Dave Rawson

Rylan Clark X-Factor Hypnotised Hypnotized by Hypnotist Dave Rawson

Rylan Clark X-Factor Hypnotised Hypnotized by Hypnotist Dave Rawson

X-FACTOR – Hypnosis News From U.K.

My Friend & Hypnosis Colleague Comedy Stage Hypnotist Dave Rawson hypnotised Rylan Clark from ITV’s “The X-Factor” into giving birth to a baby check out the story here–hypnotised.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

Check out Dave Rawsons Website here – I gather there are pictures of Rylan Clark on his website also taking part in the show.

For the record Dave Rawson is a top bloke and one of the few Comedy Stage Hypnotists in England that I would personally reccommend to anyone looking for top class entertainment.

For those wanting to learn how to become a Comedy Stage Hypnotist and be able to achieve these kind of things then check out my Hypnosis Training Website (where you can grab over 6 Hours of Free Trianing Videos at – )

In the above video Rylan is the person on the far left hand side as you watch the video. In this short video The subjects have been told they can have money (in shape of a toilet roll) if they tell me who has been making faces. Watch where one women puts her money and watch me laughing so much at it.

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THE HYPNOSIS EVENT – Grab Your FREE V.I.P Tickets Today – Hosted By Tellman Knudson with Free Hypnosis Hypnotism Hypnotherapy NLP & Mind Control Training From 24 of the Worlds Leading Hypnotists

THE HYPNOSIS EVENT – Grab Your FREE V.I.P Tickets Today

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Worlds Greatest NLP Hypnotherapy Stage & Street Hypnosis Hypnotism Courses

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Worlds Greatest Hypnotherapy NLP Stage & Street Hypnosis Hypnotism Courses

Worlds Greatest Hypnotherapy NLP Stage & Street Hypnosis Hypnotism Courses

Derren Brown Fear And Faith – The Placebo Effect – Mentalism Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Hypnotism Nuero Linguistic Programming NLP Life Coaching Alternative & Complementary Medicine Mind Over Matter Psychology Exposed

Derren Brown – Fear & Faith – Placebo Effect Exposed…

Well Done to Derren Brown, Anthony Owen & all the team at Objective Productions on a great show last night, examining the power of The Placebo Effect.

For those who did not see the show be sure to check it out either on 4OD or You-Tube, as Derren using PLACEBO and I would also argue some Off Camera Hypnosis (Which is just another powerful ritualistic Placebo anyway) he became a strange cross between Self Help Hypnotist Paul McKenna and Celebrity Life Coaches The Speakmans as he helped people to Quit Smoking, Overcome their Fears and Phobias and even to Eliminate Allergies and Skin Conditons from their life with ease!

It was a great show, and it was great to see that Derrens experience and thoughts on the Placebo effect and its power, match those that I have been teaching for years at my events.

I’m Proud and Privileged to know that Objective Television Productions, have over the years purchased many of my training DVDS and on several occasions now, have used ideas, material and such from them in their shows.

Very much looking forward to his show next week on how Religion and God are Placebo effects, I wonder if it will agree with the views in my “The Bible God & Hypnotism” Package?

The show for those who did not see it –

For those who want to learn more about THE PLACEBO EFFECT and also the kind of “Rapid & Instant Hypnosis” techniques that Derren has been using on his recent shows (both on and off camera) everything you need to know can be yours by checking out my Ebay Auction entitled –

Hypnotherapy Course – Learn Hypnosis NLP Hypnotism Mind Control Mentalism Magic

For just £37 – You Get Numerous DVDS and Many hours of step by step video training in everything you’ll ever need to know about Hypnosis and therefore also the Placebo Effect.

For those outside of England (where the videos that follow are blocked) you may if your in America for example be able to watch the show in four parts with these videos:

Part one –

Part Two –

Part Three =

Part Four =

For those who want to learn more about THE PLACEBO EFFECT and also the kind of “Rapid & Instant Hypnosis” techniques that Derren has been using on his recent shows (both on and off camera) everything you need to know can be yours by checking out my Ebay Auction entitled –

Hypnotherapy Course – Learn Hypnosis NLP Hypnotism Mind Control Mentalism Magic

For just £37 – You Get Numerous DVDS and Many hours of step by step video training in everything you’ll ever need to know about Hypnosis and therefore also the Placebo Effect.

FOR SALE: Complete Theatre or Cabaret Mentalism Show & Additional Routines – Grab A Bargain – Perhaps Pay Less Than 50% of The Retail Value


What is on offer below is all and I do mean all of the props, gimmicks, tables, Stage set and well basically everything for a complete two and a half hour Evening theatre Mentalism Show (with interval) – I am selling all of this as I want to make space for the props for my new 2013 show which I am putting Together at this very moment.  Read on to discover how you could get your hands on all of this for LESS THAN 50% OF IT’S RETAIL VALUE

There is a solid 45 minute routine (1st half of show) and also an even more amazing 75 Minute routine (2nd half of the show).

Also there are some extra Mentalism Routines included which together can Easily provide another stand alone 60 minutes of material.

And of course all of the items could be used as individual routines on their own In their own right, and many of the props and gimmicks can of course be used To perform numerous other Mentalism and Mind Magic Routines.

To See Testimonials About this show and the mainly unique routines included

Within it take a look at 

Then to watch a video of the First Half of the show take a look at: (Show Starts Approx 5 mins into video)

Then For the Second Half of the show take a look at: (Show starts Approx 3 mins into Video)


Now let me break down everything that you will get for your money when you invest into this package:


*Eddie Burkes Jumbo 3 Card Opener – – (Value £10)

*Marc Oberons OddBall (Made to Look Like Green and Black Peas or Balls) – – (Value £20)

*A Larger (more useable) black velvet with green interior bag has been bought To be used with this effect as the one supplied when you buy it is tiny – (Value £10)

*Psychometrix by Ken De Courcy & Supreme Magic Company (1980) – A very RARE Pseudo Psychometry Routine using 5 deviously and beautifully gimmicked Red Velvet Style Cloth Bags (with original supreme magic instructions). This prop is now UNAVAILABLE and no longer made or on sale and is in excellent as new condition. Similar props are currently selling for around £50-00. – (Value – £50)

*ESP Mental Stand – (Value £35)

*Gimmicked See Thru Blindfold – (Value £10)

*Perfect Predict Lock – – (Value £25)

*The Four Book – Hoy Style Gimmicked Book Test – Expertly hand made

By me, these 4 gimmicked books not only allow the routine seen on the above video but can allow three audience members to each select a page and a word And then you can reveal all 3 words they are thinking of, or even more amazing, you can get someone on the end of a telephone (an audience members friend) to say three words and these match the freely chosen words.  You get the Four gimmicked books. Value Shown is what any magic company would easily charge for this prop. – (Value £50)

*Ken Dynes Primal Prediction – – You get several sets of the coloured envelopes And all needed for this routine including two fold up Frisbees. Value shown is That of the Secret, cost of envelopes and Frisbees etc – (Value £30)

*The Drawing Duplication Routine – Which does work 100% Whenever you want it to, I just often made it go wrong on purpose so that people would believe that the Russian Roulette Routine later in the show may possibly go wrong as well) – Both necessary gimmicked pads in folders, marker pens etc to perform this. Value is realistic based on what a Magic company would charge and also on cost of buying the stuff needed. – (Value £40)

*Royles Any Card At Any Number Routine – This includes the Special Gimmick that makes it all work, deck of Bicycle Cards, A Mirage Deck And the prediction envelope and card plus full routine etc. Value reflects Cost of buying the stuff to make this and the secret. (Value £40)

*Magic Square Routine – Comes with all easy set up cue sheets, Giant A2 size Artists Pad, The Wooden Artists Easel Stand for Pad, Marker Pen and of course the Telethought Wallet Version 2 as per – – Remember that the Telethought Wallet can be used in numerous other routines and manners and can almost help you do a complete act in itself. (Total Value £70)

*The Stuff is also included for the “Chance Meeting of the Celebrity” routine and indeed all the other bits and bobs needed to make the show work as it can be seen in the two videos at top of this page. – (Value £10)



*The “I’m A Wanker” Word Deck Prediction Routine – All stuff needed For this comedy routine including the music etc – (Value £30)

*Baby Gag Routine – All Stuff Needed for this routine as I do it on the video Together with 2 decks of Paul Brook Double Blank Svengali Cards that have Been prepared to force the name “Simon Cowell” pre-show (although this can Also be done in real time as explained in instructions) – (Value £40)

*Mobile Phone Hoy’s Tossed Out Deck Routine. Pad, Pens, gimmicked deck And instructions. – (Value £30)

*Royles Celebrity Walk of Fame Chair-Less Chair Test. = All the Stars, coloured cards, envelopes & spares, 6 celebrity face masks, a grease vernet thumb write and also a pencil vernet thumb writer with lots of replacement leads for both. Also master copies for the necessary gimmicks that go unseen which can be printed off from your computer as and when needed. You also get suitable coloured matching cards and set of laminated number cards to be able to perform this as a more conventional chair test should you so desire. Any magic company on planet would easily charge £50 for this. – (Value £50)

*Royles Abnormal Life & Power of Words Routine. – You use any chair at the venue, but you get all the sets of laminated signs, that’s 5 sets of each of 3 different colours (15 in total) which are on the neck ribbons and stored in protective plastic folders. Most importantly you get the powerful step by step Routine which puts this in a class of its own. – (Value £50)

*Randi Rains T2 Sterile (as Customised for Royle) =  When you but T2 Sterile from Randi Rain you only get four wooden bases, with this version there are Six Wooden Bases enabling the routine you see in the video. This means you get the Six Wooden Bases, The Solid Aluminium Spike, the 5 precision made gimmicks that look like dangerous spikes but actually are 100% safe. I also paid extra to get a Spare set of the spare spikes. You also get the “Table Of Doom” which you see me perform the routine on in the video which folds up for easy transport, along with the 3 coloured bag and connecting clips etc that fix to back of the table for dumping the crushed cups And bases and also used for making switch of genuine spike to Safe Spike. Plus a big supply of Foam Cups enough for around 40 shows. Plus the Music, powerpoint slides with the warning and gone wrong videos etc. To get what is here you’d normally have to buy TWO SET’S of T2 Sterile from Randi Rain to be able to make it up and also then buy the table and all the other bits on top. The value shown here is exactly how much what you are getting cost me to make including import taxes, delivery costs etc – (Value £300)

*Make The Jumbo ESP Cards Match = You will get a full deck of Jumbo ESP Cards (5 of each = 25 cards) from Bicycle Playing Card Company   . Also Four Black Collapsible Music Stands as used in video which come in their own carry cases. Obviously the jumbo ESP Deck could also be used in numerous other routines. – (Value £50)

*Ashleighs DVD Book Test = This is Royles Adaptation and Expansion on “The Red Carpet” by Jason Palter and Ari Soroka which enables you to do far more than the prop which inspired it.  You get the Black Hood for over your head which is actually an examinable Bag Blindfold that could be used in other routines, the Specially gimmicked Full Colour DVD Book, The Coloured childrens number cards in tin, a small soft toy for randomly selecting volunteers, the Shrek Rubber Mask for Ending (Other endings are also possible with easily available rubber masks), All music needed and master copies of the book which you could print out to make more DVD Books if you so desired. The Red carpet which does not enable as much of a routine as this is no longer available and when it comes up sells for around £100 to £150 Second-hand. You get way more with this prop so the realistic amount it would cost is – (Value £150).

*Ken Dynes “Brainwashed” – (The Secret and Artwork Master sells at £20) – However You also get the Two Blue Fold up music stands in carry bags, and also as well as the A3 Acetates and white boards used during the show, you get a spare set of white boards and 3 Spare Sets of each of the A3 Acetates used, together with 4 sets of the acetates used but in A4 version for smaller size performances and venues. You of course also get disk with the Graphics on which can be projected onto stage screen which were put together by a professional graphic designer for me and of course the El Duco Add A Number Pad used to force the correct letters in the routine –—Note-Book-by-El-Duco.html (thats a £45 Value alone) and Yes of course the Add a Number pad could be used for numerous other routines and in my opinon is the best add a number pad on the market. The price shown reflects cost of everything bought and having the acetates printed professionally and projector stuff done etc. – (Value £150)

*Grandmas Tray “Confabulation” Style Routine = You get the Candlestick, Old Vintage Ballet Design Metal Tray, Candles, Lighter, music, all necessary gimmicks and spares (includes gimmicked pens, special pad, post it notes etc). Value Shown includes cost of buying Paul Stockmans connected DVD’s upon which this routine is taught. (Value £70)


Additional Items You Get Needed For Show or Travelling it. 

*You Get the Case To Table used in the show – (Value £80)

*You get the Two Fold up tables used to put props on during the show, these are sturdy, light and easy to carry over your shoulder into and out of a venue. They cost me £20 each and are the best normal looking but ideal for this purpose tables I could find. – (Value £40)

*3 Black Close-Up Mats (Large) – one each for the tops of the two fold up tables and also another which gets used on the top of the case to table stand during the first half of the show. – (Value £30)

*Black Multi Pocket Flight Style Canvas Carry Bag (used to transport all the music stands together and also some of the props for show) – (Value £20)

*Black Leather Effect (Looks Real) multi sectioned and pocketed Pilots Flight Case which 90% of the show, together with some other bonus items mentioned below fit into for storage and travelling. – (value £50)


 Bonus Mentalism Stuff Included (Ideal for Repeat Shows Etc)

 *Ken Dynes & Michael Murrays – Precognition 365 – The Ultimate 5 Phase Diary Mentalism Effect – – (Value £40)

*Psypher 2.0 – Universal Impression Device – – (Value £25)

*The Timeless Project – See Link For details of this amazing package – – (Value £25) 

*Jason Palters “The Space Between” – Comes with a Plastic Fried Egg and Plastic Sausage and Royles Unique Adults Only or Double Meaning Family Routine (Value £30)

*Eddie Burkes “Telepack 2001” – (Value £25-00)

*Brand New David Blaine Split Spades Marked Deck – (Value £10)

*Loops (Invisible Thread Loops for Lior Manors Invisible Touches) – Eight – (Value £10)

*Kundalini Rising – Jeff McBride “Psychic Energy Rising Card” Invisible thread refill pack. – (Value £10)

*Normal Red Backed Bicycle Deck – (Value £5.00)

*See Through Net Shopping Style Forcing Bag – (Value £10)

*All Clear Forcing Bag A4 Size – (Value £5.00)

*Devin Knights Four Told With ESP Symbols Laminated Display Card – – (Value £25) –

*Eddie Burkes Psychic Colours –  – (Value £15)


 Plus you will get this RARE Mutli Effect “Book Test” 

RARE Mentalists Dream Book Test – 9 Mind Reading Mentalism Psychic Magic Tricks

You Don’t Have To Slay A Dragon John Marberger Stuart  & Marjorie L. Stuart

(c) 1975 –  Now Out Of Print, Rare and Hard To Obtain.

This is an amazing well put together Book test for the Mentalist or Mind Magician.

Effect One = The Mentalist writes down a single word. A volunteer opens the bookanywhere at random and then turns forward or back to find the start of a chapter. They then select in a random manner a word from that randomly chosen page, it turns out to be the word that you wrote down as your prediction.

Effect Two = You write a different prediction. A page is randomly selected from the book and then another volunteer selects a number between 1 and ten. That paragraph is counted to by the volunteer starting from either the left or right hand side of the page. When that paragraph is found a word from it is selected in a random looking manner. This word proves to be the same as the one you wrote down and predicted.

Effect Three = The book is handed to someone and they think of a number between 1 and ten. without saying a word they are told to turn to the chapter of that number and look at the last word in that chapter. This turns out to be the same as your prediction. And yes different chapters will give different words so this could be repeated with a different outcome.

Effect Four = The volunteer selects any chapter, each chapter contains a letter written on a certain month of the year, they look at this and project the month of year to you and you tell them what it is (or predicted it beforehand) and yes diffferent chapters give different months of the year so this could be repeated.

Effect Five = The book is opened to one of the colour pictures within it, the volunteer is given a coin and told to drop it freely onto the picture on the page. Your Prediction is shown or you pick up on what they project to you and your able to tell them what part of the picture the coin landed on and describe it.

Effect Six = They choose any of the various different colour pictures that are inside the book (a totally free choice) Each of the pictures has a title and you are able to tell them the name of the picture that they freely selected.

Effect Seven = You tell the audience that you will attempt to project to them the first number mentioned in the story of the novel. You project a number mentally to the audience and when you show the book and reveal what the first number printed in the novels story is the audience are shocked that a large amount of them have picked up on the correct number.

Effect Eight = You project a number to the audience telling them its the first date mentioned in the novel and once again they are amazed that a large amount (if not all of them) have picked up on the correct number.

Effect Nine = You appear to randomly open the book on a chapter and say that you will project to them a number on that page. The audience are amazed when the number on that page is shown and a large amount of them have correctly picked up on it.


Note = There are over half a dozen additonal “Advanced Professional” ideas and routines included in the instructions explaining other routines and effects that can be accomplished using this specially printed book.

Also once you have read the instructions and closely examined the book in detail I can assure you that dozens of other ways of using the book in routines and other manners will jump into your mind.

This is an ingeniously gimmicked Hardback Book with both colour and black and white illustrations within that is in incredibly good condition for its age.

Whats even better is the Novel was genuinely released as a Novel to the general public (so it appears) and if you search Amazon or book stores for it, although now Rare and Out of Print, it does show up for sale as a collectors item (and without any mention of it being a special book test book) the astute mentalist will be able to use this fact to their advantage.

The instructions are printed on 8 sheets of information packed A4 size paper and ARE NOT THE ORIGINALS  (The Originals were lost or damaged but fortunately I had this photocopy of them stored in my files and its these photocopied pages that you will be supplied with the original Hardback Book)

The book has “Kisses” instead of “chapters” as its a Romance Novel, each “kiss” or “chapter” starts with a letter and then goes into the story again.

There are so many possibilities of what you can do with this normal looking yet ingeniously faked book, its almost a complete act in itself.


NOTE = There are on many occasions spares included for lots of the stuff mentioned above, such as tons of different coloured sharpie markers, spare envelopes and such, all the bits and bobs that are spares easily have a combined value of £10 to £20 alone!


NOTE = In all cases all of the props are in practically Brand New Condition, having been used for a short tour of 24 shows only. And in all cases either the original instructions are included, or in many cases  these may have been lost, and so full instruction is given (where relevant) on “The Mentalists CookBook” DVD’s that you will also be given or by way of Personal Instruction from Jonathan Royle when you come to pick all of this up in person from his home in Rochdale (Near Manchester).


*You Will Get Everything Mentioned Here regards the “Mentalists Cook-Book” in terms of Phsyical DVD’s and also the Download Access Stuff – – ( $147 = £90 Value)

*Also Everything Mentioned in this Bumper Mentalism and Hypnosis Training Bootcamp Package – – ($497 = £300 Value)



REMEMBER = All items are in excellent condition. You also get all of the printed out and laminated music running orders and stage cue sheets and also packing cue sheets for the show, all music needed etc at no extra charge. And just think of how long it would take you in time to order all these items from various different dealers, plus the fact several are my own Unique Ideas and thus cannot be bought from any dealer and so would take you many hours to order all the bits and then make the props from scratch.

Bidding on this package gives you the chance both to save many hours and hours of time building props, but also to save tons of money.

PLACE YOR BID NOW – The Highest Offer I receive of over £925 before Midnight (UK GMT) on Saturday 10th November 2012 to my direct email of will be deemed the winner of this bumper package.

NOTE = Please include a contact telephone number along with your bid, so that I may call the winning bidder on Sunday afternoon of 11th November 2012 as well as notifying them by email of their win.

NOTE = If you have not heard from me by email and/or phone by 6pm (UK GMT) on Sunday 11th November then you can be sure that you were not the highest bidder and that somebody else has won.

NOTE = All items, when packed will fit on half of the back seat of a small Fiesta Car so pretty much any car will be able to easily pick everything up.

NOTE = Payment Must either be made by direct bank transfer in advance of picking the stuff up or in CASH upon collection.

NOTE = Either way payment must be made to me in full within Seven days of this “Auction” ending as per date above and all Items must be picked up from my home in Rochdale (OL12 6ST) – Greater Manchester (England) at the Buyers own expense within 14 days maximum of winning the auction.